• Make sure you are loggig into Canvas to log your exercises.

    This is how we know you are keeping up with your workouts.



  • Warm-Ups

    Remember 10 seconds each stretch.

    Touch your toes

    Feet apart – Right left then left leg

    Down the middle

    Quad stretch – Right leg up then left leg up

    **Sit Down**

    Feet together – touch your toes

    Feet apart – Right leg then left leg then down the middle

    Right leg over and twist

    Left leg over and twist

    **Stand Up**Save

    Right arm across then left arm across

    Right arm back then left arm back


    Week 2 Workout 3/30-4/3

    Total body workout

    Complete 2 rounds of this circuit. Perform each exercise 45 seconds with a 15 second rest. 

    Now put 45 seconds on your clock and get started!!

    • Squats (45 seconds) – stay on your heels not your toes
    • 15 second rest
    • Reverse Lungs (45 seconds) - step back, switch feet each time
    • 15 second rest
    • Jumping Jacks (45 seconds)
    • 15 second rest
    • Plank (45 seconds) – on hands or fore arms
    • 15 second rest
    • Push-ups (45 seconds) – try to go at least 25 secs. without going to your knees
    • 15 second rest
    • Mountain Climbers (45 seconds) – drive your knees up
    • 15 second rest
    • Crunches (45 seconds) – hands by your ears, don’t pull on your neck
    • 15 second rest
    • Bicycle Crunches (45 seconds) – Opposite elbow to opposite knee -hands by your ears and don’t pull


    Remember after every workout you want to finish with cool down stretches for at least 5 minutes.