• Workout for the week of 4/20-4/24


    Core & Flexibility Workout –  This will be your stretch routine for the week!  We will work our core and then go straight into Flexibility exercises.

    Now put 30 seconds on your clock and get started!!  Do core exercises 2x

    Core Exercises

    • Sit ups – 30 seconds
    • Rest 30 seconds
    • Lay flat raise your feet 6 inches off the floor - hold 30 seconds
    • Rest 30 seconds
    • Superman’s (lay on belly and raise head, arms and feet off the floor for 3 secs) repeat 10x
    • Rest 30 seconds
    • V ups (lay on your back feet in the air and raise your shoulders off the ground and touch your feet. Should look like the letter V) repeat 30 seconds

    Flexibility Exercises

    • Low lung + Arms overhead (get into lung position, left knee on ground, right knee over ankle, put arms straight up in the air) hold 30 seconds and switch
    • Low lung + Twist (same pose but turn to the right when right knee is up, and point straight behind you) hold 3-5 breaths, then switch sides
    • Happy baby (lay on back, bring your knees up and grab your feet, make sure knees are under arm pit) hold 30 seconds
    • Childs pose (knees on the ground, separate your knees about hip width apart, rest torso(chest)between your thighs, like you are laying between legs) hold 30 seconds
    • Butterfly stretch – you should know this one (put soles of your feet together, press down on knees) hold 30 seconds
    • Deep Squat + Fold (go into a deep squat past 90 degrees, keep weight in heels, put both hands together) hold 30 seconds
    • Double pigeon (criss cross applesauce stack your right leg over your left, bend at hips, lean forward) hold 30 seconds and switch legs
    • Quadricep stretch – you should know this one! (Stand up and place left hand on wall for balance, grab your right foot behind you, hold 3 seconds. Be sure to stand up tall, go back to start position then repeat 5x) switch legs

    Remmber to log your workout and submit it to Canvas!