• Workout for the week of 4/13-4/17


    Muscular Strength Workout – Complete 3 rounds of this circuit.  1st time perform each exercise 1:00 min. 2nd time perform each exercise 45 secs. and the 3rd time through perform each exercise for 30 secs. with a 1:00 minute rest.  Remember always start with your stretch routine!

    Now put 1:00 minute on your clock and get started!!

    • Squats with alternating leg lift to the side – keep squats at 90 degrees
    • Front Lunges – switch legs every time
    • Side shuffles
    • Rest 1 minute
    • Squat jumps - hands on the ground, jump as high as you can
    • Pushups – get as many as you can without putting your knees down
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Rest 1 minute
    • Side Plank – hold your body on your side in straight position supported by one arm and the side of your feet (if that’s too difficult then put your knees down)
    • Inch Worm – walk yourself out to a plank and walk yourself back in, keep legs straight
    • Mountain Climbers – Plank position bring your right knee up, then left knee, keep going
    • Rest 1 minute

    Remember get started on your next round as soon as that minute stops!  We want to keep that heart rate up. 


    Remember to complete your workout log and submit it to Canvas!