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    The Medellin Memorial is located in front of Boswell High School. It was dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11, 2004, as a tribute to United States Marine Corps Corporal Marty Medellin who died on April 7, 2003, while bravely serving his country in Iraq. Marty, a 2000 graduate of Boswell High School, was the first soldier from Tarrant County to be killed in the line of duty. The memorial also serves as a remembrance of others in our Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD community that are no longer with us.
    The memorial contains the names of other EMS ISD military personnel who have died in the line of duty as well as students and teachers who have died while a part of our district. The memorial also lists the names of EMS ISD Board members who have passed away. For a listing of names, click here.
    Memorial Design

    The Medellin Memorial Plaza was designed with three main paths, each symbolizing portions of Corporal Medellin's life. The first path represents Iraq and the second the National Marine Headquarters in Quantico, Virginia. These two paths represent the two prominent directions of Corporal Medellin's life. The third path represents the present and is the formal approach to the Plaza, where most individuals who come to pay their respects will enter.

    At the middle of the plaza, the paths intersect. It is here that Marty’s memorial stands, a testament to his life as a Marine and of his service to his country. Its location at the heart of the circle represents his life and his courage.
    The Plaza took its shape from the globe in the Marine emblem (eagle, globe, and anchor) and represents Corporal Medellin's life as a Marine. The symbolic idea of a circle, representing his life and his constant, steadfast memory, further strengthens the meaning behind the shape of the memorial plaza.

    The obelisk represents Marty’s stand and his devotion to his family and country. It is an icon signifying all that he stood for. His courage can be seen from the obelisk’s height above all the other elements in the plaza and allow for individuals to pay their respects as they look towards the sky at the obelisk.

    Semper Fidelis is inscribed in the obelisk and can be seen on the back of the plaza sign, located directly on the circle's edge to show our everlasting respect for his sacrifice.