• Report a Donation

    Donation Form

    This form should be used to report a donation (monetary and/or non-monetary) which is made to a campus or department (i.e. Fine Arts, Technology). Cash donations received in the amount of $5000+ will be presented to the Board of Trustees for acceptance/approval. Non-cash donations and cash donations under $5000 will not be presented to the Board of Trustees. All donations will be acknowledged with a signed letter from the Superintendent which will serve as a receipt and will include the Districts Federal Tax ID.
    Please fill out the form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and route it to the Michelle Ozuna, Business Office.    
    Campus Donations:
    - Principal
    - Deputy Superintendent
    - Business Office - Attn: Michelle Ozuna
    Department Donations:
    - Department Administrator
    - appropriate Chief Officer
    - Business Office - Attn: Michelle Ozuna
    For questions related to donations, please contact:
    Michelle Ozuna, Administrative Secretary
    (817) 232-0880, Ext. 2955