• Donations

    All donations are subject to review and approval by the District. The decision for which donations are eligible for receipt is based upon many factors and must meet the criteria for acceptance as outlined in Board Policy CDC(LOCAL). EMS ISD will notify the campuses, departments, and donor(s) of final acceptance or denial of said donation. 

    This form should be used to report a donation/gift (monetary and/or non-monetary) which is made to a campus or department. The campus/department must complete the form and forward such form to the Office of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The CFO's office will review the form for purpose and intent.  A determination is made as to whether the donation/gift is a conditional donation or a general donation. A conditional donation is a donation made for a specific location and/or group. Any gift that the potential donor has expressly made conditional upon the District’s use for a specified purpose, or any gift of real property, may require Board approval. All donations will be acknowledged with a signed letter from the Chief Finance Officer which will serve as a receipt and will include the Districts Federal Tax ID.
    This form should be used to report a donation of a motor vehicle.
    This form should be used to report a donation of playground equipment and accessories, including other outdoor related structures.
    Send all completed forms to the Office of Chief Financial Officer. For questions related to donations, please contact the Office of Chief Financial Officer, 817-232-0880.