• Kindergarten Grade Acceleration Procedures

    Kindergarten Grade Acceleration Procedures

    Elementary Grades 3-5
    Math Acceleration Opportunity

    Students entering grades 3-5 have the opportunity to take accelerated math courses. Course acceleration for math means that a student who meets identified criteria can attend the next grade level of math instruction. The performance standard to be eligible for math acceleration without prior instruction in that grade level is as follows:
    • Earned Masters Level on a STAAR Released test at grade level
    • Earned at least a 90% on a Texas Tech or University of Texas Credit by Exam (CBE)

    *The tests are to be administered on separate dates
    If the student meets the above requirements, the child will then participate in the next grade level of math instruction. For example,
    • A 3rd grader who tests out of the 3rd grade CBE for math at 90% or higher and also scores a Masters Level for the 3rd Grade Released STAAR test would be placed in 4th grade math.
    • A 4th grader who meets the above requirements would take 5th grade math.
    • A 5th grader who meets the above requirements would take 6th Grade Pre-AP Accelerated math with the 5th grade elementary teacher serving as the teacher of record. The method of instruction for the course could take the form of a SKYPE class with a middle school class and/or an online module course created by the district based upon the 6th grade Pre-AP math class.

    If you have specific questions in regards to your child’s performance in math, your child’s math teacher is a great source for information. Parents interested in the elementary math acceleration process and opportunity should contact the elementary campus counselor for testing information. Applications for testing may be returned to the campus counselor or Dr. Mary Jones, District Testing Coordinator, 1200 Old Decatur Road, Building 4, Fort Worth, Texas 76179.

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