• Contracts

    Campuses or departments may need to obtain services from individuals and external business entities that require contractual agreements. It is important to make sure that the terms and conditions of contracts for goods and services are clear and accurately express the intent of both parties. Therefore, guidelines have been developed to assist initiating campuses and departments with submission of a contract for review.  We ask that you submit your contracts well in advance to allow sufficient time for review.  Please click on the following links to view the various documents related to the review and approval of contracts:

    This guide will provide an overview of the District's Contract and Review Process.  
    This guide will provide instructions on how-to-submit a contract for review and approval. This guide will assist the requestor.
    This guide will provide instructions on how-to-review, approve or deny a contract.  This guide will assist the approver. 
    Questions regarding the contract review process should be directed to the Office of Chief Financial Officer at 817-232-0880.