• 2022-2023 EMS ISD Student Transfer Guidelines

     Open Campus List for the 2022-2023 Fall Semester

    • Eagle Mountain Elementary School
    • Northbrook Elementary School
    • Parkview Elementary School
    • Remington Point Elementary School
    • Willow Creek Elementary School
    • Creekview Middle School
    • Ed Willkie Middle School
    • Saginaw High School

    Transfer Application Timelines

    Transfer request applications for the Fall Semester of the 2022-2023 school year will be accepted beginning February 1, 2022, and ending on February 28, 2022, through the Family Access portal. Transfer request applications will be reviewed by the second week in March. Transfer request applications received outside of the above timeline may not be reviewed until all on-time transfer submissions have been considered.

    • For students residing within the EMS ISD school district and in accordance with FDA and FDB (LEGAL and LOCAL), any participation in UIL activities shall be in accordance with all applicable UIL regulations and other applicable District policies and administrative procedures.
    • In accordance with FDA and FDB (LEGAL and LOCAL), District and GoldStar Transit employees with children in the 8th grade must declare their child(ren)’s desired high school. The high school declaration can be completed through Employee Skyward. District and GoldStar Transit employees’ children under certain conditions shall only be allowed to participate in a high school athletic program at his or her declared high school campus.

    Transfer Eligibility Criteria

    In reviewing each submitted transfer request application, the following transfer eligibility criteria will be considered:

      • Student’s discipline and attendance history including DAEP/JJAEP Placements; and any lapse in enrollment;
      • Current and projected campus enrollment;
      • Facility/building capacity;
      • Mandatory student-teacher ratios;
      • Current class sizes;
      • Current staffing allocations, and
      • Any attendance zone modifications/changes.
    • EMS ISD does not provide district transportation for students on an approved transfer request, except as required by federal law.
    • Students on a previously approved transfer who desire to remain at the same campus, may continue to attend the same school, as long as the student meets all transfer eligibility criteria, and their attendance zone has not been modified/changed. The initial approved transfer request application will serve as the official transfer document and no additional transfer request will be required.
    • Approved transfer request applications for students of non-resident District and GoldStar Transit employees are granted for one school year only. A new transfer request application and transfer agreement must be completed, submitted, and approved each school year.
    • Dual Residence: Students who have an established primary residence in the District and establish a second residence through a Power of Attorney, Guardian Change, Affidavit of Legal Residency, Affidavit of Grandparent Care, Rental/Purchase agreement or through any other means of establishing a second residence, will be expected to attend the campus in the attendance zone in which their primary residence is located.
    • Transfer request approvals are only valid for that specific campus and does not include a continued progression to feeder pattern campuses.

    Application Access

    Click the button below to log in to Family Access. Choose Online Forms to access the Fill Out Form link for Transfer requests. 

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