• EMS ISD continues to monitor the evolving situation with COVID-19 and the changing guidance from state education and health officials. Review the information below to learn more about what EMS ISD is doing to prioritize student and staff health and safety. Read about the district's response to a reported COVID-19 case, the close contact notification process, and more. EMS ISD also manages a COVID-19 Case Reporting Dashboard to maintain transparency with the families, staff, and the community.

    The information below will be reviewed and updated as needed to reflect new requirements from the Centers for Disease Control; federal, state, or county orders; or the Texas Education Agency.

    NEW! 4/26/2021: Beginning Monday, April 26, the proper and consistent use of face masks will be used as a mitigating factor when determining required quarantine due to close contact exposure. This means that if both a COVID-19 positive individual and the close contact are properly and consistently masked during the period of exposure, then the exposed individual will not be required to quarantine. The important piece to these modified quarantine protocols is the proper and consistent use of face masks. Non-medical grade, disposable face masks or cloth face coverings to protect the nose and mouth are still required on campus during the instructional day. Under the modified protocols and depending on the exposure situation, proper and consistent use of face masks may prevent your child/staff member from being quarantined if they are identified as a close contact. 

    NEW! 3/30/2021: The EMS ISD Board of Trustees approved revisions to the district's mask policy. The revised, Board-approved protocols state that all events outside the instructional day are exempt from the district COVID-19 mask protocols with the exception of band, choir, and theater participants, who must continue wearing masks. For more information regarding the new information, visit the district's News page.

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