• Resources for Families Struggling Due to Weather Related Issues

    FEMA information

    FEMA will not contact you unless you contact them first. Any random messages/calls with a number for FEMA is a fraud. For immediate assistance for food or shelter call 211. Visit the FEMA website for more assistance information.

    How they can help: 

    • Rental Assistance 
    • Temporary housing 
    • Home repairs 
    • Low-cost loans 
    • And more 

    What to Do: 

    • Call your insurance provider first. 
    • Reach out to FEMA, they can possibly help even if you have insurance.  
    • Take pictures of damage, repairs and cleanup. 
    • Make sure you save ALL RECEIPTS 

    FEMA Texas Winter Storms Website (with link to assistance application) 
    FEMA Alternative Housing Options 
    SNAP website - If you had to throw away food due to power outages and you utilize SNAP benefits, then you can fill out a form (link above) and they will reimburse you some of the money lost on your card.