• Athletic Hall of Fame

    The Athletic Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization, established in 2012 to recognize and honor former student-athletes, coaches, and boosters/supporters who have made significant contributions to high school athletics in EMS ISD.


    The 2023 Inductees are: 

    Scott Eddins
     Class of 1997
    Donique Flemings  Class of 2009
    Richard Ramirez  Class of 1984
    Billy Whitehill  Class of 1988
    2012 Saginaw Boys Gymnastics Team  

    The 2020 Inductees are:

    Bobby Fowler
     Class of 1978
    Chris McBee  Class of 1991
    James Vess  Class of 2005
    Susan Watson  Class of 1968
    The 2019 Inductees are:
    Dayna Henson Gilbreath
     Class of 1981
    Jennifer R. Williams  Class of 1992
    John Williams  Class of 1967
    Mary "Nina" Farris  First Woman Girls' Coach 1960-1970
    The 2018 Inductees are:
    Ricky Walton
     Class of 1977
    Britt Yoder McDougal  Class of 1999
    John David Grier  Class of 1987
    Paul Jacobs  Class of 1978
    The 2017 Inductees are:
    Charlie Hesse
     Head Coach-Athletic Director 1994-2001
    Blake Mabry  Class of 1997
    Jodie Mooty  Class of 1966
    Chad Pugh  Class of 1999
    Corrie Weathers-Sides  Class of 1995
    The 2016 Inductees are:
    Tim Daughtrey  Class of 1974
    Tracee Fowler  Class of 1981  
    Chris Lansford  Class of 1991
    James Murphy  Class of 1971
    Steve Stookey  Class of 1971
    The 2015 Inductees are:  
    Wayne Robinson  Class of 1965
    Harold L. Hawthorne  Coach 1973-1982  
    Jarred Coursey  Class of 1997
    Jim Stallons  Class of 1964
    John M. Craft  Class of 1995
    Bill Davenport  Class of 1963
    Brett Burns  Class of 1990
    The 2014 Inductees are:
    1997 Baseball Team
    Impeng Bouaphanh  Class of 1997
    Chauntae Bayne  Class of 2002  
    Tom Etchison  Class of 1990
    Bart Howell  Class of 1989
    Michael Lennox  Class of 1998
    Jan Lowery  Class of 1971
    Jay William  Coach - 1960's 
    Trey Woods  Class of 1994
    The 2013 Inductees are:
    Weldon Hafley Class of 1962
    Danny Jordan Class of 1962
    Bobby Thompson Class of 1964
    John Shanor Class of 1972
    Danny Henson Class of 1979
    Angela Stanford Class of 1996
    Brad Hawpe Class of 1997
    Max Newcom Coach, 1961-1967
    Neal Wilson Coach, 1971-1977

    EMS ISD Athletic Hall of Fame committee members are: Khampha Bouaphanh, Ric Canterbury, Jarred (Bubba) Coursey, John Craft, Kevin & Kim Easton, Trey Edgar, Kristi Grimes-Geyer, Dayna Henson-Gilbreath, Mike Greene, Freddie & Linda Gutierrez, Weldon Hafley, Danny Henson, Jim Howard, Bart Howell, Paul Jacobs, Bill Knowles, Blake Mabry, Kim George-Miller, Steve Newcom, Jay Stallons, Bodie Freeman, Jerry Jorgenson

    For more information about the EMS ISD Athletic Hall of Fame, contact Kim George-Miller, emsisdhallfame@outlook.com.