• Student Welfare Wellness and Health Services

    Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD encourages students, parents, staff, and community members to use the district's recreational facilities, such as, tennis courts, fields and playgrounds which are available outside of the school day.
    Athletic Mission Statement

    EMS ISD Athletics inspires champions today and prepares student leaders for their future by fostering an environment for the pursuit of excellence to enable student athletes to achieve their highest academic, athletic, and personal aspirations.


  • EMS ISD Athletic Philosophy
    • We want as many students as possible in every program.
    • When cutting is necessary, we use validated, measurable reasons.
    • Each student should have fond memories of participating in the athletic program.
    • We will not stress or encourage specialization in a particular sport.
    • Head coaches and assistants will set examples of character and integrity on and off the field.
    • Do nothing that will embarrass you or the school.
    • Follow all policies and guidelines set by the school district and UIL.
    • Develop a partnership with the parents of athletes.
    • Everyone must work together for the good of the student-athletes.
    • We expect championship effort and results on the varsity level.
    • With these expectations, there will be no surprises. You will know what is happening at all times – good and bad.