• Elementary Gifted and Talented Program 

    Mission Statement 
    The gifted program leads students to be successful, intrinsically motivated decision makers, who reach their maximum potential as independent thinkers and lifelong learners. 
    In kindergarten and first grade, identified GT students are served through the regular classroom where each teacher is trained in the initial 30 hours of GT training, along with six-hour annual updates. PACE (Plan of Action for Curriculum Enrichment) teachers, teachers who are trained to work specifically with gifted students, also schedule pull-out lessons with these students as well as working with the students in their general classrooms as time allows.

    All identified 2nd-5th graders are served through a two-hour per week pull-out program called PACE. PACE enrichment curriculum at this level is designed to allow for in-depth exploration of topics and issues that require high-level thinking. The purpose of enrichment is to provide extended learning opportunities and challenges to students who have already mastered or can quickly master the basic curriculum.

    In elementary, the GT students are clustered in groups of 5-10 in the classrooms. This gives the GT students opportunities during the week to work with other GT students in a flexible setting. Teachers use formative assessments to make decisions about grouping in their classrooms to best address the learning needs.

    Elementary Gifted and Talented/PACE Teachers
    There are a total of twelve PACE teachers who are assigned to work with our elementary gifted and talented students. Their names and campus assignments are listed below.  If the PACE teacher serves two or more campuses, the day that they are at each school is also listed below. 
    Angela Barrientos - Gililland (M, T, W, TH), Remington Point (F)
    Shelly Couch - Eagle Mountain
    Shelly Dreiling - Lake Pointe (M, T, W), Northbrook (W, Th, F)
    Meg Farley - Comanche Springs (M, Th, F), Copper Creek (T, W)
    Larissa Horton - Greenfield
    Judith Holz - Bryson (M, T, W), Willow Creek (Th, F)
    Carrie Miller - Lake Country
    Laura Musgrove - High Country
    Norma (Patty) Novoa - Willow Creek (M, T, W), Remington Point (Th, F)
    Lauren Polasek - Dozier (M, T, W), Parkview (W, Th, F)
    Kerensa Prostek - Chisholm Ridge (M, Th, F), Remington Point (T, W)
    Kerri Williams - Elkins (M, W, F), Saginaw (T, Th)