• Parchment eTranscripts and Transcripts
    As your child prepares to apply for college admission, they must submit necessary documents.  One of those documents will be their student academic record or transcript. EMS has an online service through Parchment that allows students to request an official high school eTranscript (electronic) or hard copy transcript and send it to the college of their choice in a secure and accurate format with prompt delivery.  Additionally, Parchment includes the electronic delivery of letters of recommendation and resumes.
    Request transcripts anytime from anywhere.  To get started, all that is needed is an internet connection and the Parchment link for your school. 
    Click your HS link below and follow these 3 steps:
    1.  Register for a free account
    2.  Request your transcript (See your school Registrar, Counselor, or CCRS for fees - you may qualify for a waiver)
    3.  Track your transcript
    Don't delay!  Go online or visit the Counseling office or the school's College and Career Center and get started today!