District Logos and Web Standards

  • Grammar and Usage - Hyphens

    Communications & Marketing oversees grammatical standards for all materials, print and online, that originate from Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD to its various audiences. While there may be more than one "right" way to write out the district name, it is important to conform to one style to establish desired consistency.    
    USE the hyphen when spelling out the district name, as in:
    Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District or Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
    DO NOT use the hyphen when using abbreviations, as in:
    EMS ISD or EMS 

    Logo Identity Standards

    The identity standards guide is your resource for everyday usage of official logos, tagline, graphical elements, district colors, color palette, typography and other elements. Scroll down further to download logos or the color guide.
    Official Logos
    The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD service mark is a registered trademark and must only be used by outside parties with prior permission. Friends, partners, and vendors of the district must receive permission to use the official logo by contacting Communications & Marketing.
    If permission is granted by the Communication & Marketing department, the following guidelines apply:
    • Only the official colors of the service mark may be used. The EMS ISD service mark is composed of two parts: the symbol (shield with torch) and the logotype (either "Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD Fostering a Culture of Excellence" or "EMS ISD"). The official color palette is PMS: 7546 C, 187 C, and 4505 C.
    • The service mark is final and complete art. It cannot be stretched, altered, redrawn or modified and must remain the same proportion.
    • Permission to use the logo should be obtained for "one-time use" each time you would like to use it unless granted special permission by EMS ISD's Communication & Marketing department. EMS ISD grants permission to use the District's service mark on a case-by-base basis.

Download Logos

Web Standards

  • Blackboard is our district's web content management provider. You will find many new features available that enable us to communicate more effectively with students, parents, and community members.