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    Overman   Megan Overman
     Director of Communications
     Phone: 817-232-0880 Ext. 2704
     Fax: 817-847-6124
     Shelia IrwinShelia Irwin
     Communications Assistant
     Phone: 817-232-0880
     Fax: 817-847-6124
     Email: sirwin@ems-isd.net
    Amanda Moore   Amanda Moore
     Communications Coordinator - Systems & Compliance
     Phone: 817-232-0880 Ext. 2717
     Fax: 817-847-6124
     Email: amoore@ems-isd.net
    Staff photo of Jorge Garza  
    Jorge Garza
    Communications Coordinator - Multimedia & Creative Arts
    Phone: 817-232-0880 Ext. 7659
    Fax: 817-847-6124
    Email: jgarza@ems-isd.net
    Portrait of Chelse Westbrook  
    Chelse Westbrook
    Communications Coordinator - Marketing & Engagement 
    Phone: 817-232-0880 Ext. 2703
    Fax: 817-847-6124
    Email: cwestbrook@ems-isd.net
    EMS ISD Logo  
    April Dunning
    Communications Coordinator - Web & Digital Arts
    Phone: 817-232-0880 Ext. 2708
    Fax: 817-847-6124
    Email: adunning@ems-isd.net