• EMS ISD Summer Camps 2021

    EMS ISD is proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic and special interest summer camps. We hope our students will broaden their talents or explore new interests with the camps we are offering this summer!
    Summer camps are open to current EMS ISD students as well as any interested students in the immediate or neighboring areas. We highly encourage you to register early. Many of our camps can only be held if a minimum number of participants register. Register early and share with your friends and neighbors!
    Find information on the camps' costs, times, and locations and/or begin your registration on the camp registration websiteAthletic camps are listed under campus athletic camps and special interest camps are listed under Fine Arts and Special Interest Camps. Please use your student's grade for the 2021-2022 school year.
    If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Kelsey Diffie at kdiffie@ems-isd.net.
  • List of 2021 Summer Camps

    Athletic Camps


    Girls Basketball June 1-3
    Cheer June 1-3 
    Boys Basketball June 7-10  
    Boys Soccer June 7,9,10 & July 12,14,15  
    Girls Soccer June 7,9,10 & July 12,14,15
    Volleyball June 14-16
    Baseball June 14-15 & June 16-17
    Tennis rescheduled July 19-21
    Football July 26,27,28
    Volleyball June 7-10
    Boys Basketball June 14-17
    Girls Basketball June 22-24
    Football July 26-28 
    Cheer July 27-29
    Girls Basketball June 1-3
    Volleyball June 1-3
    Boys Basketball June 7-10
    Football July 26-30 
  • Fine Arts and Special Interest Camps 2021

    Camp Champ I (grades 2-6) - June 7-10
    Camp Champ II (grades 2-6) – June 14-17
    Dodge the heat while competing with friends in Dodgeball, Kickball, Tag & other Games!
    Camp Invention (grades 1-6) - July 12-15
    We invite children to explore, understand, and solve real-world problems through STEM-focused activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts). Register at campinvention.org.
    Camp Resiliency (grade 3-6) - June 7-10
    Researched-based topics like being healthy, goal setting, problem-solving, feelings, and managing stress, will be addressed in this group.
    Dyslexia Enrichment Camp (Currently served Dyslexia students only) June 7 - 24
    There will be three sessions to choose from. Students may choose more than one session.
    Self-Regulation Camp (grades 2-4) - June 7-10 
    Participants will work with a school counselor to help them learn self-regulation and impulse control skills. 
    Mindset Matters (grade 3-6) - June 7-10
    Participants will learn lessons with a foundation of brain science, the magic of grit, and the benefits of learning, which will help them see positive outcomes of having a growth mindset.
    Looking Beyond the Mirror (girls, grade 3-6) - June 7-10
    This camp is for any girl that needs to work on a healthy self-esteem.
    Growing Through Grief (grades 4-6) - June 7-10
    We don't "get over" grief, we learn healthy coping skills to help us move forward. The group will be a safe place where the child can share their feelings and learn appropriate ways to cope with the loss.
    Culinary Cooking Camp (grades 6-8) - June 14-17
    Enter the professional kitchen at HCTC with Chef Natale and learn how to make and eat some of your favorite foods.
    Take the Stage (grades 3-6) - June 14-17
    This is an elementary theatre camp. Students will be exposed to all aspects of theatre including the technical side like sets, makeup, lighting, and costumes.
    PACE Enrichment Camp (PACE grades 2-5) – June 21-24
    GT students will participate in a variety of challenging activities in the areas of science, math, and creative thinking skills.
    Stage FX Makeup 101 (grades 8-12) - July 12-15
    Participants will explore the science and artistry that is stage and movie makeup! 
    Broadway Bound (grades 7-12) - July 19-22, 26-30
    This camp will take you from auditions to rehearsals to a final performance of a Broadway Jr. Musical.
    Boswell Summer Jazz Intensive (grades 9-12) - July 20-23
    This camp is open to all EMS ISD band students in grades 9-12. Student-musicians will experience the foundations of jazz music including improvisation, history, theory, and instrumental techniques, with special guidance from local professional jazz musicians and guest artists.
    STEM Camp for Middle School Students (grades 6-8) - June 14-17
    Incoming EMS ISD 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are invited to attend a Discovery STEM Camp that combines design principles, hands-on-labs, engineering challenges, digital investigations and career explorations. Learn how social and emotional learning can help you develop the skills, confidence, and mindset necessary for academic, social, and STEM success. Join us for a 4-day Discovery STEM Camp to help plan for a better tomorrow! Camp is free and for EMS ISD students only! Space is limited. Sign up for ONE session ONLY: AM Session: 8:30 am-11:30 am. PM Session: 12:30 pm-3:30 pm. 
    Reading Bingo Blackout - Printed Bingo Cards are available from campus libraries or downloaded from the district library website. Students can turn in their completed Bingo Blackout Cards to their school librarians at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year to be entered into a drawing for several different prize drawings.  
    Breakfast and Books - Enjoy breakfast from EMS Child Nutrition (the cafeteria opens at 7 am) then head to the library to discover new books, enjoy story time, create book talks, and/or book trailers for other students. We will be there from 8:00 - 9:30 am Tuesdays at the following locations - drop by for a few minutes or plan to stay the whole morning. We look forward to seeing you!
    June 8 - Northbrook Elementary
    June 15 - Gililland Elementary 
    June 22 - Northbrook Elementary 
    June 29 - Gililland Elementary 
    July 13 - Dozier Elementary 
    July 20 - Dozier Elementary