1. Uniform- Game
    A.  Each team member is to be dressed the same while competing.
    2.  Student actions that can result in dismissal or suspension from the team:
    A.  Drugs- use of drugs by a student/athlete or being where drugs are being used can result in dismissal or suspension from the team.
    B.  Alcohol- use of alcohol by a student/athlete can result in dismissal or suspension from the team.
    C.  Being disrespectful to coaches can result in dismissal or suspension from the team.
    D.  Excessive absences from practice or school can result in dismissal or suspension from the team.
    E.  Any actions that a student/athlete commits that are detrimental to the team can result in dismissal or suspension from the team. This will be a decision made by the athletic director, campus coordinator, and the head coach that is involved.
    3.  General regulations- may result in punishment if not adhered to:
    A. If a student/athlete must miss a game or practice, a member of the coaching staff should be informed ahead of time or immediately, whichever is appropriate to the situation.
    B. If a student/athlete is injured he/she should see a trainer before leaving their event or campus.
    C. Student/athletes should be on time for all meetings, practices, and games.