• The following video examples are to be used in conjunction with the 2020 Summer Strength and Conditioning Online Training Program Word Document for mobile users that do not have access to a computer.  

    Please utilize the instructions found within the Word Document BEFORE viewing the following videos.

    Mobile users may need to turn their device horizontally in order to best view the exercise demonstration.

Workout "A"

Bulgarian Split Squat

Alternating Single Leg Box Squats

Dumbbell Squat

Pop Squats

Power Push Away

Alternating Rotational Pushup


Alternating Heel Touch Squat

Alternating Heel Touch Kickstand Squat

Alternating Sprinter Lunge

Alternating Plyometric Sprinter Lunge

Broomstick Inverted Row

Burpee Pull-up

Sliding Slick Floor Pullover

Black Widow Knee Slide

Reverse Corkscrew

Levitate Crunch

Angels & Devils

Workout "B"

Slick Floor Bridge Curls

Alternating Long Leg March

High Hip Buck

Decline Knee Push-up

Alternating Bodyweight Side Lateral Raise

Bodyweight Triceps Extension

Alternating Crossover Step-Up

Alternating Reverse Lunge

Split Squat Jump

Broom and Chair Inverted Row

Back Widow

Abdominal Halo

Tuck-Up to V-Up Complex