• Records Management

    Archiving School District Records

    Texas Administrative Code §441.180(7) defines Records Management as "the application of management techniques to the creation, use, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposition of records for the purposes of improving the efficiency of record keeping, ensuring access to public information under the Public Information Act, and reducing costs."

    The Records and Information Management Department within the Business/Finance Office is responsible for the oversight of records management district-wide.

    How Campuses and Departments Archive Records

    1. Place an order for 10” X 12” X 15” banker’s boxes. All records must be placed in a banker’s box to allow for universal storage space and ease of transport.  Each campus/department is responsible for ordering and funding their box supply.
    2. Complete the Records Retention Form and include all requested detailed information. When entering the description, please be as specific as possible! For example: 2019 - 2020 HR Employee and Service Records A-L. A detailed content description will greatly assist in the most accurate tracking of district documents.
    3. Email the Records Retention Form  to Stephanie Marcho in the Business Office smarcho@ems-isd.net
    4. The Business Office will log all boxes into the main Records Management Database and assign each individual box an inventory control number for identification.
    5. The Business Office will create inventory control labels for each box and return those to the requesting campus/department.
    6. Place the inventory control label on one end of the corresponding banker’s box. Please ensure the information on the box and the label match!
    7. Submit an email smarcho@ems-isd.net for pick-up. Please allow 2-3 days for pick-up.

    How Campuses and Departments Retrieve Records

    1. Please send an email request to Stephanie Marcho smarcho@ems-isd.net with the description of the box or file needed. Be as specific as possible (i.e. type of record, name of student/employee, year, etc.).
    2. Once retrieved, the Records and Information Management Office will notify you via email that your document, or a copy of your document, is ready for pick-up.
    3. A check-out log will be completed by the Records and Information Management Office representative and you will be required to provide your signature to pick up the document.
    4. To return the document to storage, please email Stephanie Marcho to coordinate file picked. Please note: Student records and personnel files should NOT be sent via mail or interoffice.
    5. The check-out log will be updated indicating that all items have been returned to records storage.

    Call Stephanie Marcho in the Business Office at 817-232-0880 for any questions or concerns.


    All Open Records requests should be referred to the Communications Department immediately upon receipt.
    Public Information Requests
    The Communications Department handles all public information requests for the district. All requests for public information are handled in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code §552.001. Requests for public information should be submitted in writing by fax, e-mail, U.S. mail, or in person. This procedure allows the Communications Department to accurately document the date each request is received and respond in writing within the required 10 business day time period. Requests must ask for records or information already in existence. The TPIA does not require the district to create new information. 
    Student Record Requests
    Student record requests fall under the guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children's education records. Parents or eligible students have the right to inspect and review the student's education records maintained by the school. Requests for a transcript or other student records should be directed to the current or last EMS ISD campus your student attended.
    To submit an open records request, please send by email, mail or in-person to the following:
    Email: info@ems-isd.net
    Mail or In-Person:
    EMS ISD Communications Department
    1600 Mustang Rock Road
    Fort Worth, Texas 76179