• 2023 EMS ISD Legislative Priorities

    Supporting Success for Texas Students  

    As a fast-growing school district, EMS ISD strives to provide modern facilities, innovative programs, and attract world-class educators to serve our students. In EMS ISD, students have access to diverse programs that foster learning through a variety of advanced academic opportunities, personalized learning, extracurricular interests, and community leadership at all levels. 

    EMS ISD and school districts across the state continue facing budget challenges as a result of the current state school funding system and tax compression initiatives. Our district has already tightened budgets and reallocated staff to further support students in high-need areas across academics, behaviors, and special programs. We continue to seek areas within the budget to compensate staff and remain competitive with the market, so that we can recruit and retain the top educators to teach our students. Additional needs, including safety and security, also are a priority. While we are hopeful for additional funding to support the growth and enhancement of these needs, this is not guaranteed, yet the state expectations for ongoing improvements remain.  

    EMS ISD leaders have met and will continue to meet with our legislative representatives to advocate for Texas public schoolchildren – and, in turn, the districts that serve them – as a state priority, but we need our stakeholders to get involved by talking, emailing, calling, and writing state lawmakers. The voices of our EMS ISD community – their constituents – will be the catalyst to ensuring success for Texas students in the 2023 Texas Legislative Session and beyond. 

    Download a copy of the 2023 Legislative Priorities

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