• Parent-Teacher Organizations
    There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in their children’s education at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD.

    Some of the district’s most active groups are the Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) at each elementary campus and the East and West Side Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO). These groups help raise funds for worthwhile projects and serve the schools and their students in a number of ways. For more information on how to join please contact your student's school office or any of the contacts listed below.

    Council of PTA
    Facebook: emsPTAcouncil
    President: Shelly Couch
    1st Vice President: Khara Payblas 
    Secretary: Hollye Perry 
    Treasurer: Kacey Andersen 
    Programs: Ally Surface 
    Membership: Paula Harwell
    Ways and Means: Lola and Larry Scheid 
    Reflections: Meg Farley
    Special Services: Misty Kieschnick
    Communications: Beth Epps 
    Hospitality: Open 

    East Side PTO
    Facebook: Eastside EMS ISD PTO
    President: Michelle McCullough 

    Concessions Vice President:Marci Grubbs 
    Secretary: Open 
    Treasurer: Beverly Johnson
    Concession Stand: Open 
    Highland Representative: Open
    Saginaw High School Representative: Open 
    Prairie Vista Representative: Open 

    West Side PTO
    Facebook: PTOWestEMSISD
    President (South): Paula Harwell
    President (North): Paula Harwell 
    Vice-President Membership: Julie Greggory 
    Secretary: Tracie Sprehe 
    Treasurer: Paige Ring 
    Parliamentarian: Andrea Felder 
    Devotional: Shelly Couch 
    Concession CTHS: Shelly Dietderich & Antoinette Williams 
    Concession BHS: Lori Rohloff  & Antoinette Williams 
    Community Service: Lindsey Rook
    Care Team: Stephanie Maloney
    Scholarship: Bettina Flunker 
    BHS Membership: Julie Eynon 
    BHS Hospitality: Monica Shaw 
    BHS Community Service: Cindy Boss 
    BHS Volunteer Coordinator:
    EWMS Membership: Amanda Mitchell 
    EWMS Hospitality: Stephanie Maloney
    EWMS Community Service: Stephanie Cox 
    EWMS Volunteer Coordinator: Theresa Saldivar Ochoa 
    CMS Membership: Maribel Miller 
    CMS Hospitality: Twaniqua JeanMary 
    CMS Community Service: Petra Sartori 
    CMS Volunteer Coordinator: Crystal Amador 
    CTHS Membership: Cori Slaboda 
    CTHS Hospitality: Theresa Vondra
    CTHS Community Service:
    CTHS Volunteer Coordinator:
    WHS Hospitality: Jill Keyrouze
    WMS Membership: 
    WMS Hospitality: Amber Gill 
    WMS Community Service: Chelsea Salas 
    WMS Volunteer Coordinator:
    MCMS Membership: Lakisha Nicas
    MCMS Hospitality: Trayce Moore & Shelly Hearne 
    MCMS Community Service: Isaura David 
    MCMS Volunteer Coordinator: 
    Fund Raising Chair: Ally Surface 
    Board Member at Large: Annick Credeur 
    Board Member at Large:
    Legislative Action Chair: