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    GoldStar Transit provides a complete transportation program for the EMS ISD, including home to school, vocational, athletics, and extracurricular trips.

Find Your Bus Route

  • Visit EMS Bus Transportation Portal to find your child's bus route. Log in to the bus portal by entering your student's ID number as both the Username and Password. You will be prompted to change your password after logging in for the first time.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT ROUTE TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR STUDENT'S ROUTE SCHEDULE FREQUENTLY THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR. After August 8th, any changes to routes or times will be posted on the above link.  We encourage parents to check this link periodically for changes, especially prior to the start of school.

    • If your child's ID number does not work, please verify that you are using the correct ID number with your campus.  If the ID number continues not to work, your child is either not registered to ride the bus or, your residence is within the two-mile walking zone.
    • If you are new to the District and you want your child to ride the bus, you must register your child in Skyward Family Access. You must check "Yes" in Skyward Family Access under the Transportation Information/Request & Bus Rider Handbook.
    • If you move over the summer or during the school year and your child rides the bus, you will need to update the school with your child's new address. Once the information has been updated with the respective school, you can email Reola Bealer Moore, GoldStar Router, rbealermoore@ridegst.com and the appropriate changes will be made to the GoldStar system.
    • GoldStar has set up a REMIND account that will be used to notify parents of any bus delays, bus changes, etc.  Parents of bus riders should receive an email with information on how to sign up for this information.



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