• Returning Student Verification Now Open

    The Returning Student Verification process is intended for our current students and students who have previously attended EMS ISD schools - this includes students who have previously withdrawn and are now returning to the district. Returning student verification is now open.

    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RETURNING STUDENTS! Parents will not be able to supply documentation for address changes in hard copy form to campuses. During this period, campuses may make contact you via phone or email to request a copy of this information or any other questions. Your child’s documentation may be requested on a later date.

    To learn more about using the Family Access parent portal, please visit the Skyward Family & Student Access Information page.

    To log in to Family Access, click on the button below that says Log into Family Access.

    Log into Family Access

    If you do not remember your login information, please attempt to recover your login/password using the Forgot your Login/Password link.

    Login box designating Forgot your Login/Password?

    If you are still unable to access, please contact your child’s school of enrollment and speak to the registrar for assistance in recovering your account.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: My child or children have not attended EMS ISD. What's next?
    A: Please use the NEW Student Enrollment procedure to create a parent account, which then provides access for creating and submitting a student application online. Parents with existing children at the district can log into Family Access to select the New Student Enrollment tab to add a new student application.
    Q: My child or children have attended EMS ISD. What's next?
    A: If your child has attended, left the district, and is now returning to EMS ISD, please log into your Family Access account and select the Returning Registration Verification tab to begin the process for verification of a child for the current school year. If you have a child currently attending EMS ISD, who will be returning to the district for the future school year, please log into your Family Access account and select the Returning Registration Verification tab to begin the registration process.
    Q: I have children who currently attend EMS ISD but I'd like to enroll a NEW student as well. What's next?
    A: Access using your Family Access account and then choose the NEW Student Enrollment tab to begin the application creation process. 
    Q: My child used to attend EMS ISD but I'd like to enroll a NEW student as well. What's next?
    A: Access using your Family Access account and then choose the NEW Student Enrollment tab to begin the application creation process.

How-To Videos

  • For Students Who Previously Attended EMS ISD and are Now Returning

    For students who have previously attended EMS ISD and left the district but are now returning to attend school in EMS ISD for the remainder of this school year, please recover and access your existing Family Access account. Proceed to select the 2020-21 Returning Registration Verification tab in the upper-left corner of your screen and select your child's name to begin the process of verification for the current year if your child will be returning for the existing school year.
    For students returning for the future year, be certain to select 2021-22 Returning Registration Verification tab. Colors have been added to assist you with distinguishing which option to choose. Red is for the current year and Green is for future year registration. In addition to the tab, students returning for the future school year will also see a link available to verify data located on the Family Access wall.
    NOTE: You must complete Returning Student Verification for each student re-enrolling in EMS ISD.
    For step-by-step instructions on this process, please download this guide.
    NOTE: If a student lives with someone other than a parent, additional notarized paperwork is required each school year. The Cohabitation Affidavit form is available as an optional form for new registrants during the application process or available under Online Forms in Family Access for existing or returning students. The form must be printed from home and notarized if you choose to complete it online. If you have questions about which form is needed, call your home campus or the Technology Help Desk at 817-232-0880.
    For Students Who are New to EMS ISD

    Parents with new students attending EMS ISD, including incoming Kindergarten students who did not attend Pre-K in EMS ISD, please visit our New Student Enrollment page for instructions to complete the registration process.