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    A section dedicated to the middle school attendance zone modification proposal has been created in our Let's Talk online communications system and we welcome your questions and feedback. Please submit your question anytime, from anywhere, using Let's Talk!

  • *published September 2018

    Middle School Attendance Zone Modification effective August 2019

    Approved 2019-2020 Middle School Attendance Boundaries

    As our area continues to grow and more families are choosing to move into the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD community, our school district must find ways to accommodate for short-term and long-term enrollment projections. One of the ways to address growth is by building new schools and, in fall of 2019, EMS ISD will open its sixth middle school, Marine Creek Middle School. The newest middle school campus will help alleviate crowding at middle schools across the district. In 2019, four of our middle schools are projected to be near or exceeding capacity.

    Many factors are considered in attendance zone adjustments and district leaders are asking for your input in this process.  The adjustments pertain specifically to families at Creekview, Ed Willkie, Prairie Vista and Wayside middle schools; Highland Middle School is not being affected. Two community meetings were held to discuss the proposed attendance zone adjustments for middle schools.The first meeting was held Thursday, October 25, at Creekview Middle School. The second meeting was held Tuesday, October 30, at Ed Willkie Middle School.

    Specific neighborhoods that could be affected under this proposed plan include:

    • Currently attending Creekview Middle School: The Trails of Marine Creek, Redeagle Place, Marine Creek Hills East, Marine Creek Hills West, Parkview Hills, and The Enclave at Parkview.

    • Currently attending Ed Willkie Middle School: Marine Creek Ranch (blocks A-E, H-L, Q, T, U), Terrace Landing, The Quarry, Trailwood, Remington Point Villas, Melody Hills, Avington Park of Fossil Creek, Meadows of Fossil Creek, Greens of Fossil Lake, The Enclave at Fossil Creek, Hills of Fossil Creek, Fairways of Fossil Creek, Parks of Fossil Creek, Horizons at Fossil Creek, Sandshell Fossil Creek, The Mercantile Center, and Extended Stay Inns & Suites east of I-35 within the school district boundaries. 

    • Currently attending Prairie Vista Middle School: Parkwest, Rancho North, Saginaw West, Willow Creek, Camelot Square Apartments, and Crossings Apartments.

    • Currently attending Wayside Middle School: Boswell Ranch, Whisperwood Estates, Willowstone Estates, Williamsburg Village, and The Cambridge Estates. 

    Presentation materials, which includes a map of the proposed adjustments, and Frequently Asked Questions are available below.  If you were unable to attend one of the meetings, or if you have specific questions regarding this proposal, we want to hear from you! A section dedicated to the middle school attendance zone modification proposal has been created in our Let's Talk online communications system and we welcome your questions and feedback. Please submit your question anytime, from anywhere, using Let's Talk

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • Proposed Middle School Attendance Zone Adjustment - Frequently Asked Questions

    The following are questions submitted during the community meetings at Creekview and Ed Willkie middle schools with corresponding responses from district leaders. We continue working to provide answers to all questions submitted, so please check back if you don’t see your specific question. The questions are listed in random order.

    Q:  Why are we having to change attendance zones?

    A:  There are two factors driving this middle school attendance zone adjustment. The first factor is enrollment growth. EMS ISD is considered a fast-growth district; in fact, we are currently listed as the 7th-fastest growing district in the DFW Metroplex. We have welcomed more than 700 new students this year alone, and recently exceeded 20,000 students enrolled. In the next 10 years, we are projected to add 3,000 elementary students, nearly 1,300 new middle school students, and more than 1,700 high school students. The addition of Marine Creek Middle School is part of a long-term strategic plan to prepare for projected growth.

    The second factor has to do with balancing enrollment across the middle schools and working toward a pure feeder pattern system. It has been nearly 10 years since the last middle school was built, which was Ed Willkie Middle in 2009. Since then, enrollment in our middle school population has grown by more than 1,000 students. Four of the five existing middle schools are near capacity and a sixth middle school is needed to help balance enrollments across schools. Under the current proposal, based on existing market conditions, district leaders anticipate this new middle school alignment to last 9-10 years before a seventh middle school is needed.

    The current attendance zones for elementary schools and high schools will not be impacted by this middle school adjustment.

    Q:  What is a pure feeder pattern system and why is that beneficial?

    A:  A pure feeder pattern is when attendance zones follow an aligned feeder path from elementary to middle to high school. This eliminates the dilemma of “split schools” and allows students to continue through their school years with their friends. It also provides families with a clear path for their child’s education, helping them know in kindergarten which middle and high school they will attend. Operationally, pure feeders also provide for stronger alignment in instructional and extracurricular programs. Achieving a purely aligned feeder system is a long-term process, but the proposed plan will move the district closer to this goal:

          Proposed Secondary Campus Realignment beginning 2019-2020

          Boswell High School:  Creekview and Wayside middle schools

          Chisholm Trail High School: Ed Willkie and Marine Creek middle schools

          Saginaw High School: Highland and Prairie Vista middle schools

    Our goal with rezoning is to impact as few families as possible. While the proposed middle school alignment will create a pure feeder at the secondary level, elementary zones will not be adjusted simply to create a pure district feeder. Elementary zones are adjusted when new schools are built to accommodate growth and, when possible, we take those opportunities to move closer to the goal for purely aligned feeders.

    Q:  Why are students being moved from Wayside?

    A:  Wayside enrollment is currently near capacity, with enrollment nearing 1,000 students (as of October 23). Some students have to be zoned out of Wayside now to help alleviate overcrowding, balance enrollment between the schools, and ensure capacity for future student growth.

    Q:  Why are students being moved from Prairie Vista Middle School?

    A:  Prairie Vista students currently are zoned to split between Chisholm Trail and Saginaw high schools. Under the proposed plan, neighborhoods west of Business 287 will be rezoned to Marine Creek Middle School. This area is already zoned for CTHS and moving will align them into the middle school feeder pattern that supports CTHS. This means students in the proposed area will go to middle school with the friends they also will go to high school with, creating a pure middle school to high school feeder system.

    Q:  How is Ed Willkie Middle School affected?

    A:  Ed Willkie will be receiving students. Two areas that currently go to Creekview will be rezoned to EWMS. With the proposed move, students at CMS will no longer be split between Boswell and Chisholm Trail high schools; CMS will become a pure feeder to Boswell while EWMS will feed completely to Chisholm Trail.

    As mentioned previously, we take opportunities when possible to move every campus closer to the goal for purely aligned feeders. The dividing line between the EWMS and MCMS zones was selected because it eliminates the split at Dozier Elementary and creates a pure feeder to EWMS. Greenfield Elementary is already feeds purely to EWMS and, under this proposal, Dozier also will become a pure feeder to EWMS. Meanwhile, Parkview and Remington Point elementaries both will feed purely to Marine Creek MS. While this proposal addresses secondary pure feeders, it does help move several elementaries into a pure feeder model and helps achieve long-term balance between the Ed Willkie and Marine Creek middle schools.

    Q:  Why are students being moved from Creekview Middle School when others are being rezoned there from other schools?

    A:  Creekview students currently split between Boswell and Chisholm Trail high school. Under this proposal, CMS would move to a pure feed to Boswell. This means some CMS students already zoned for CTHS will move to Marine Creek or Ed Willkie so they can remain in the CTHS zone. Moving these students out of CMS will free up space that must be filled to balance enrollment. Wayside is zoned for Boswell but is currently near capacity, so some students from WMS will be rezoned to CMS to help balance CMS enrollment and alleviate WMS while allowing those students to remain in the Boswell feeder.

    Q:  Has the Marine Creek Middle School principal been chosen?

    A:  The hiring process for the Marine Creek Middle School principal is already underway, with the goal of having that person named and ready to start as the second semester begins in January. Future opportunities will be provided for the Marine Creek school community to meet and get to know their principal. In addition, a website and Facebook page for Marine Creek MS will be available after the start of the spring semester.

    Q: If my child is being rezoned to a different campus, will he/she get to meet their new principal?

    A: Yes. Principals at all campuses that will be receiving students as part of the rezoning will be visiting with their future students at their current campuses during the spring semester to help prepare for the transition to their new school.

    Q:  Will students at Marine Creek Middle School have access to the same programs as the other middle schools in the district?

    A:  Yes. Marine Creek MS students will have the opportunity to participate in all programs that are standard on our middle school campuses. EMS ISD has an aligned curriculum district-wide, which means the same academic courses are offered across each instructional level. MCMS also will offer students the same athletic and fine arts programs as the other middle schools, and will open with all three grade levels – sixth, seventh and eighth. Additionally, all instructional supplies, team uniforms, athletic equipment, band instruments and equipment, etc., will be preordered in the spring as part of the standard middle school ordering process for each school year.

    Q:  Will the district be hiring all new teachers for Marine Creek Middle School?

    A:  The staff at Marine Creek Middle School will be a combination of existing district teachers and new teachers. Current middle school teachers will be transferring from our other schools and we also will be hiring new staff. All EMS ISD teachers meet highly qualified requirements and participate in district orientation and training to ensure consistency with district standards and strategic initiatives.

    Q:  If we get rezoned to another campus but want to stay at our current school, can I request a transfer? How much does it cost?

    A:  Yes, transfers will be considered. You will need to apply to remain at your current school through the online district transfer process. Guidelines for applying for a transfer will be posted on the website by February 1, 2019. It does not cost anything to request a transfer for your student; however, transportation is not provided for transfer students.

    Q:  Do younger siblings have priorities on transfers?

    A:  There is no sibling rule in the transfer process; however, transfers may be submitted for each child and will be considered accordingly based on space available at the requested campus and transfer criteria.

    Q:  If my child is already on a transfer to his/her current school, but will be in the Marine Creek MS attendance zone, is the transfer to our current school still honored? Do we need to reapply?

    A:  Anyone on a current transfer to Creekview, Ed Willkie, Prairie Vista or Wayside who is in the proposed Marine Creek MS attendance zone will need to reapply for a transfer to remain at their current campus. Anyone on a transfer who is not in the Marine Creek attendance zone will not need to reapply as they are not affected by the zoning adjustment. Guidelines for applying for a transfer will be posted on the website by February 1, 2019.

    Q:  I’m zoned for Prairie Vista and currently on a transfer to Creekview. Can I stay at CMS?

    A:  Yes. Current transfers will be honored.

    Q:  Can a student get a request to transfer to the new Marine Creek Middle School?

    A:  Yes, transfers will be considered. Information and guidelines for applying for a transfer will be posted on the website by February 1, 2019.

    Q:  If I am granted a transfer, will I get transportation?

    A:  Transportation is not guaranteed on transfers.

    Q:  Will bus routes change?

    A:  After any zone realignment, all bus routes are re-evaluated and will be adjusted as needed to support the new attendance zones. As soon as the boundary lines have been approved, GoldStar Transit will begin redrawing routes and assessing each one for hazardous crossings and safe routes. New bus routes will be announced Later part of summer

    Q:  How can I get my question answered?

    A:  A section dedicated to sharing information about this proposed plan has been created on our district website. It is accessible from the front page of www.emsisd.net as well as under the About Us tab, then Attendance Boundaries. Additionally, a special category for the proposed middle school attendance zone realignment has been created in our Let's Talk online communications system and we welcome your questions and feedback. Please submit your question anytime, from anywhere, using Let's Talk.

    Q: What is the capacity of the new middle school?

    A: Marine Creek Middle School has a capacity of 1,100 students.

    Q: How confident are you that these boundaries will remain like they are on the presentation?

    A: We are currently in the process of gathering input from parents to ensure all potential impacts have been considered. Based on that feedback, the proposed plan is scheduled to be presented to the EMS ISD Board of Education as an information item on November 12.

    Q: When will we know about fine arts teachers at Marine Creek Middle School?

    A: The band directors will be hired in March and will plan beginning band instrument sign-up activities and auditions in April and May. These will most likely take place at CTHS. All other fine arts teachers will be hired along with the majority of the teachers and will meet their students in July and August.

    Q: Will private lessons be offered this summer at the new middle school?

    A: Not at Marine Creek as construction will be finishing this summer. However, private lessons are available through the other middle schools over the summer. Please contact Shawn Bell, Director of Fine Arts, for details.

    Q:  Does the district have a plan for managing traffic with a high school, the Hollenstein Career and Technology Center, and the new middle school all located along Marine Creek Parkway?

    A:  EMS ISD operates with staggered start times at elementary, middle, and high schools, which means students will be arriving at the middle school earlier than the high school and HCTC. The district also runs a three-tiered bus route system to support that schedule. This helps manage traffic flow in and around our schools across the district and provides efficiencies in our transportation system.

    Q: There are no walkways along Marine Creek Parkway, so will there be transportation offered for athletes or students with before or after-school practices?

    A: The district does not provide transportation to morning practices or from afternoon practices at any school for extracurricular activities.

    Q:  Is the City of Fort Worth making improvements on Cromwell-Marine Creek Road?

    A:  The City’s bond program, which voters approved in May 2018, supports a roundabout at Bowman Roberts Road and another at Huffines Blvd. However, no additional lanes are being added on Cromwell-Marine Creek as part of the City’s bond program.

    Q:  Hasn’t this decision already been made by the district? Aren’t these community meetings and feedback opportunities a formality?

    A:  Absolutely not. District leaders are asking parents and staff for feedback to ensure we have considered all the potential impacts. We understand that attendance zone adjustments directly impact children and their families, and that many of these situations are individual and specific. Community meetings and opportunities for feedback through Let’s Talk are a critical component to the decision-making process. All questions, comments, and concerned are being reviewed and evaluated before a final plan is brought to the Board for consideration.

    Q: How does my fifth grader register for classes next year? Will the new school be involved or will the information be collected and sent to their new school?

    A: Registration for all students for the 2019-2020 school year will occur online through Skyward Family Access. The registration window will open before school ends this year.

    Q: How will we sign up for courses if we are being rezoned?

    A: EMS ISD uses a standardized process for secondary schedule requests. Students will submit schedule requests in February or March to their current campus. For students who will be rezoned, their schedule requests will be transferred to the new school during the spring semester in order to build their schedules for the coming school year.

    Q: How long does it take for records to be moved to a new campus?

    A: Most student records are maintained electronically in our Skyward Student Management System. Any permanent records maintained in paper files will be transferred to Marine Creek MS prior to the start of the school year.

    Q: Will the middle school principals visit current fifth graders in preparation for the transition to sixth grade?

    A: Yes. All middle school principals will visit current fifth-graders in the spring to help prepare for the transition to their new school.

    Q:  What about tryouts for athletic teams, cheerleading, etc.?

    A:  Tryouts for cheerleading at Marine Creek MS will be held at the same time as the other middle school tryouts in May. Location and practice times will be announced after Spring Break. Tryouts for athletic teams at Marine Creek MS will be held at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year on the same timeline as the other middle schools.

    Q: When will coaches be hired? Will their names be posted so I will know who they are? Will we get to meet them?

    A: Coaches will be hired this spring and announced on the Marine Creek MS website and Facebook pages, which will be live after the start of the spring semester. Opportunities to meet coaches and staff will be provided.

    Q: When will we order uniforms for PE or Athletics?

    A: All middle schools have a standard uniform for PE classes or athletic practices. Athletic PE shorts and t-shirts will be available for purchase online beginning in May. That also is the time when students will fill out their athletic permission paperwork online.

  • Additional Attendance Zone Adjustments

    Slight modifications were made in 2015 to the Lake Pointe Elementary and Creekview Middle School attendance zones to alleviate future overcrowding. These changes allow the district to extend the time before a new school needs to be constructed. Both modifications are being phased in according to the descriptions below. 

    Effective 2015-2016

    Lake Pointe Elementary

    Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, slight modifications have been made to the Lake Pointe attendance zone for new students residing in the North Fork and Glen Mills neighborhoods. The rezoning to Bryson Elementary applies to any student that did not attend Lake Pointe in the 2014-2015 school year. If a family currently resides in these areas and has children already enrolled at Lake Pointe Elementary, they may continue at Lake Pointe through their 5th grade year, including future siblings in the household. Siblings who did not attend Lake Pointe in 2014-2015 will be required to fill out an in-district transfer request. However, please note that transportation will only be provided from these neighborhoods to Lake Pointe through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.    


    Effective 2017-2018
    Creekview Middle School

    The rezoning to Creekview Middle School will be effective beginning with the 2017-2018 school year for future students in phase 1 of the Innisbrook housing development and future development of this area. This proposed rezoning is necessary in preparation for middle school #6, which will be located in the Chisholm Trail High School attendance zone. In 2019, four of our middle schools are projected to be near to, or exceeding capacity.

    Students enrolled at Wayside Middle School as of the 2016-2017 school year may continue at Wayside through their 8th grade year. If a family currently resides in this area, and has children already enrolled at Wayside Middle School as of the 2016-2017 school year, they may continue at Wayside through their 8th grade year. Siblings may complete a transfer request to attend Wayside through the 2018-2019 school year. Siblings who did not attend Wayside in 2018-2019 will attend Creekview unless a transfer request is approved in accordance with the transfer guidelines for the 2018-2019 school year. However, please note that transportation will only be provided for siblings from this neighborhood to Wayside through the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

    If you have questions, please contact the office of our Chief Operations Officer at 817-232-0880.