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    Cindy Tucker

    Cindy Tucker
       Coordinator for
    Instructional Technology
    817-232-0880 ext. 2770
    Instructional Technology Staff Purpose:
    Instructional Technology falls under the Curriculum and Learning Department umbrella. The purpose of the Instructional Technology Staff in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD is to help teachers integrate technology into classroom curriculum and provide district staff with the needed support and training so that district software-based programs are utilized to the fullest potential.

    Support in the Classroom
    We're here to plan with you, team teach, model technology integration instruction, or anything else that will help you integrate technology into your curriculum.
    Professional Development Opportunities
    We provide technology-related professional development opportunities for EMS ISD faculty and staff. Be sure to sign up for a class today in Eduphoria: Workshop. You can see presentation materials from many of our trainings here (or by clicking Technology Workshops on the left.)

    District System Support
    We work with all employees - paraprofessionals, teachers, auxiliary staff, and administrators to train and support technology district systems. Instructions are available for everything from Office 365 to Eduphoria to Skyward Gradebook to Schoolwires! Click the District Systems link on the left of this page to see FAQs and training materials for each of these systems.
    If you'd like to stay caught up on the latest Instructional Technology news, please visit our EMS ISD Instructional Technology Blog and sign up to receive email notifications!

    What do Instructional Technologists do? We ... 
    1. Seek out and evaluate new technology tools and resources to discover new and better ways to enhance instruction in the classroom.
    2. Assist teachers as they integrate technology into existing and new lessons and student learning activities.
    3. Conduct training sessions teaching faculty and staff how to use new technology tools and resources.
    4. Support the instructional leaders of the district and campuses as they use new technology tools and resources with staff.
    5. Conduct training sessions teaching faculty and staff how to use district systems efficiently and effectively.
    6. Work with the Technology Department during new district system implementations to develop training materials and resources.
    7. Assist teachers in discovering methods of improving their instruction (with or without technology!)
    8. Maintain a strong social media presence as a way to share important information and exciting technology resources with teachers, administrators, and students.
    9. Attend local, regional, state, national, and international technology conferences to broaden our knowledge of the Instructional Technology World.
    10. Present at local, regional, state, national, and international technology conferences to share some of the great things happening in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD.