• Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my child be fed if there is no money in their account? Yes, your child will receive a plated meal for up to five times in elementary, and three times in secondary if they go into the negative.

    What if they have already charged the five lunches in elementary or three lunches in secondary? Your child will receive an alternate meal which consists of a sunbutter and jelly sandwich, milk, fruit & vegetables that are served that day.

    Do I only use myschoolbucks.com to put money on my student's account? No, you can use that website to track what your students are eating and see what they are spending. You may also utilize it to set up an email reminder for when your student’s account gets below a designated amount of your choosing.

    Do I have to receive the automated call when my student has a low or negative balance? Yes, the system cannot differentiate calls from the district, your school, or the child nutrition department. If you want the calls to discontinue from Child Nutrition, make sure your child has a balance in their account of over $5.00 or a zero balance. If you do not want any calls from the district, you will need to speak to your student’s school office.

    Do I have to fill out a new free and reduced-price meal application every year? Yes, you do have to fill out a new application every year, within the first 30 days of school starting.

    Will my income be verified? It is possible; the district is required to randomly verify three percent of the applications that we receive.

    Can I fill out a new application if I feel that I was denied for any reason? Yes, you may either call our office and we can see if all the information we received was correct or you may fill out a new application and submit it at any time.

    Will I receive an application this year in the mail? No. In an effort to become more “green” and reduce the amount of paper we use, we no longer mail applications home. Paper applications will still be available at the school office, school cafeteria or the child nutrition office if you are unable to fill out an application online.

    Is the application only available online? No, paper applications will still be available, but we are doing our best to “GO GREEN” and speed up the processing time by having applications completed online.

    Do I need to fill out an application for each student? No. One application per household, please. If you fill out more than one application per family, you are only delaying the process.

    How long does it take to get a response for the application? We have 10 days to process applications, but normally error-free applications are processed the same day they are submitted. A letter will be sent home when the application has been processed, or you may call to find out the status of the application.

    What is available to my student if they are on the free or reduced program? Your student will receive the same daily plate menu options that full paid students receive. Your student, no matter whether they are fully paid, free or reduced, will have to pay for any other items such as a la carte, snack or extra items.

    Whom do I speak to if I have questions about my student’s free or reduced lunch? Michelle Velasquez at 817-232-0880 Ext. 2900.

    Whom do I speak with if I have questions about my student’s lunch account or need a refund? Bethany Knowles at 817-232-0880 Ext. 2907.