• How myschoolbucks.com works:

    You may add payments directly to your children’s meal account using your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. You can access the website from work or home when you cannot go to the school to deposit money into your child’s account. You will need your student’s school ID number and the exact spelling of your student’s name as it appears on the district enrollment. You may also track your children’s account balance and purchase history using this secure website. Visit www.myschoolbucks.com for more information.

    How Bank-A-Meal works:

    Bank-a-Meal envelopes are available to be sent home for parents/guardians to send money in without using the myschoolbucks app. You may enclose cash or checks in the Bank-a-meal envelope, fill in the requested information, and return to the school with your student. If two or more of your children are at the same school and you want to divide the money between those children, be sure to list the names of all your children at that school on the envelope. You will need to use a separate envelope for students at different schools.

    Please have your student give the cafeteria cashier the envelope to deposit into their account. The best time for them to do this is at breakfast so that the money will be available in the account for lunch. The cashier will use the information on the envelope to deposit the money into the account. In the middle and high schools, please be sure to put the child’s student ID number on the envelope to ensure it gets into the correct account.

    Student Accounts:

    The money in your child’s meal account will only be able to be spent in the cafeteria for extra entrées, snack items or a la carte purchases. In the high school, they will be able use their account in the bistros as well.

    All schools sell a la carte items (water, ice cream, etc.) that students are able to purchase. If you do not want your child to purchase a la carte, a snack, or extra items, you can ask the cafeteria manager to block these sales on your child’s account.

    Students are not allowed to charge any a la carte, snacks, or extra items at any time in the cafeteria.

    Students need to keep their student ID numbers confidential in order to protect their accounts. These are personal numbers and should not be shared.

    If you need information concerning your child’s account, please contact the Child Nutrition Manager at the school. A report can be printed upon request.

    Refunds & Transfers:

    All refund requests must be processed through the Child Nutrition office. A refund/transfer/donate page is available on the district website under Child Nutrition > meal account payment information. A check will be mailed for a refund. It generally takes up to two weeks for the refund to arrive. You may also transfer or donate funds on the same page.

    Questions, please feel free to contact the accounting specialist at 817-232-0880 ext. 2597