• Waiting on your new ID card or lost your card?


    FAQ’s about your 2024-25 Benefit ID cards:

    • New employees and current employees who changed plans during Open Enrollment in TRS

    ActiveCare effective 9/1/2024 should receive new Blue Cross Blue Shield ID cards by the middle

    of September for the 2024-25 plan year. Employees who did not make changes to their medical plan will not receive new ones.

    • MetLife dental and VSP vision providers do not send ID cards. The Group #200702 and social security of the insured are used to look up the employee and all the dependents associated/enrolled with that employee that are covered under the plan.
    • If you have not received ID cards by 9/20/2024 or if you ever need a new ID card, please read

    the following for instructions on ordering or printing new cards by creating an account on Blue

    Access for Employees.

    a. Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical ID Cards: for plans ActiveCare HD/Group #385000,

    ActiveCare Primary/Group #385003, ActiveCare Primary+ /Group #385001 and

    ActiveCare 2/Group #385002, call the TRS ActiveCare customer service number 866-355-5999 to get your ID number. You will need it to register on Blue Access for employee portal.

    b. Go to https://mybam.bcbstx.com/ to create an account on Blue Access for members. Once registered, you can print a temporary ID card or request a new ID card be mailed to you. You can view all your personal plan information, claims, and explanation of benefits (EOBs) here.

                  The member ID number from your Express Scripts ID card to register. If you do not have your Express Scripts ID card, you can call 800-282-2881 for assistance.

       Once you are logged in there will be a Member ID card box with a link to “Get ID Card”. (The information below is all that your pharmacy needs to verify coverage if you do not have a  card with you or cannot print one right then)

         Customer Service Phone Numbers
    • TRS-ActiveCare Blue Cross Blue Shield: 1-866-355-5999, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CT
    • Express Scripts (Prescriptions): 1-866-355-5999