• Meal Account Payment Information

    Learn more about MySchoolBucks, Bank-a-Meal, and balance callout information on this page. Direct any questions to your student's campus cafeteria manager or to the district child nutrition department at 817-232-0880 ext. 2597.

    If your child will no longer attend EMS ISD or is graduating high school, request a refund or transfer the funds with the forms below on the ACCOUNT BALANCE TRANSFER, REFUND FORMS tab.


  • How to Put Money in Your Students' Account
    The cafeteria serving lines are automated and all student information is in the computer. This makes it easy for parents to deposit money in their child’s BANK-A-MEAL account for meals and a la carte foods. As students “purchase” meals that amount is debited from their account. We also offer pre-payment from debit and credit cards using the online website: www.myschoolbucks.com. 

    How to Use MySchoolBucks.com
    Registering for a FREE MySchoolBucks Account
    • You will first need your child’s student ID number; you may get this number by contacting your child’s school or contacting our office.
    • Visit MySchoolBucks
    • Click REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT and enter the required information.
    • Click FINISH to complete the initial registration process.

    Adding Students to Your Account

    • Once you are logged into your new account, click MY HOUSEHOLD from the left-side navigation bar.
    • Select your child’s school from the drop-down box.
    • Enter your child’s first name.
    • Enter your child’s last name.
    • Enter your child’s student ID number.
    • Click FIND STUDENT.
    • Click ADD STUDENT.
    • Click FINISH or click ADD ANOTHER STUDENT to repeat the process for additional children.

    Making a Deposit

    • From the My Household page, click MAKE A PAYMENT.
    • Enter the deposit amount for each student account, and then click ADD TO BASKET.
    • Review the amount(s) you have entered and click CHECK OUT NOW. If you need to adjust an amount, click CONTINUE SHOPPING.
    • Enter your payment information and click CONTINUE.
    • If paying with a credit or debit card, enter the three or four-digit Verification Code that appears on your card, then click CONTINUE.
    • Review your order and make sure all deposits are correct, then click PLACE ORDER.
    • Click PRINT ORDER to generate a receipt of your transaction in a new window. We recommend that you keep a copy for records.
    • Click FINISH to complete the transaction. 
    Parents, we stop automatic payments to myschoolbucks accounts for the summer.
    If you need information concerning your child’s account, please contact the Child Nutrition Manager at your child's school or the Child Nutrition Office at 817-232-0880 ext. 2597. A report can be printed upon request for an account.


  • How the Bank a Meal System Works

    Put a check or cash in the BANK-A-MEAL envelope. Fill in the requested information. If two or more of your children are at the same school and you want to divide the money between those children be sure to list the names of all your children at that school. Be sure to use a separate envelope for students at different schools.

    The envelope should be brought back to school and given to the cashier for deposit into the account. The best time to do this is at breakfast time so that it would be in the account by lunch. The cashier will use the information on the envelope to deposit the money into the account.

    The money in the account can only be spent in the cafeteria. Only when a purchase is made will money be deducted from the account. This is a personal account and no one else should be given permission to use it.

    When an account gets low, a new BANK-A-MEAL envelope will be sent home for a deposit to be sent. If the account is out of money in an elementary school your child will be allowed to charge five (5) lunches, after that they will receive an alternate meal for three (3) days only, so that no student will go hungry. Students will not be allowed to charge any al a carte items.

    Elementary schools do sell a la carte items (water, ice cream, etc) that the students are able to purchase. If you do not want your child to purchase a la carte items you can ask the cafeteria manager to block these sales on your child’s account.

    Account Balance Transfer or Refund Forms

    Money remaining in any account at the end of the school year can remain in the account for the next school year, or parents may request a refund. Navigate to the ACCOUNT BALANCE TRANSFER, REFUND FORMS tab to download and complete a request.

    Money will be transferred from school to school within the school district. If you are leaving the district, complete a Account Balance Transfer or Refund form located on the ACCOUNT BALANCE TRANSFER, REFUND FORMS tab on the right side of this page.

    Students on the free and reduced lunch program may deposit money into their account for a la carte, snack or extra foods. 

    Middle Schools
    The BANK-A-MEAL programs at the secondary schools work the same with the exception that personal ID numbers are used to access their accounts. Students should memorize their number and not allow anyone else to use their number.  There will three (3) lunch charges available to secondary students with an alternate meal being served after that again for only three (3) days.

    If you need information concerning your child’s account please contact the Child Nutrition Manager at the school. A report can be printed upon request.

Account Balance Transfer, Refund Forms

  • Balance Callout Notifications
    The Child Nutrition Department is going green! The department now sends send automated voice messages regarding your child's lunch account balance instead of paper notices. You will receive a phone message when your child's account is overdrawn or a friendly reminder to refill your student's account when it is low. Messages will be sent Sunday and Wednesday evenings. If your account is over by $5 or at $0, you will not receive an automated call. You can view your student's balance at www.myschoolbucks.com whether you choose to deposit money using myschoolbucks or not. Set up e-mail reminders and payment notifications on the site, too.