• Teachers Who Care 

    EMS ISD is filled with Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers who are passionate their job and love their students. Veteran educators explain why they love their career:  

    Ashlee Szymanski “Kinder kids are so very sweet and loving! They will call me 'mom' and tell me they love me almost daily. It is the sweetest, most fun age. They are sponges and teaching them is so rewarding! My kids who leave me are always my kids, and my parents, too!” 

    Ashlee Szymanski, Kindergarten teacher at Lake Pointe Elementary 




    Rocio Young

    “I love teaching Pre-K because everything is new and exciting at this age. They love to participate and are not as shy as students in older grades. They always love their first teacher; who wouldn’t enjoy that?” 

    - Rocio Young, Pre-K teacher at the Hafley Development Center