If you wish to hire an individual outside the district for temporary employment, please contact Cindy Compton at 817-232-0880 ext 2756. A job posting will then be activated for them to access and apply. Once applied they will be processed and will be contacted to complete paperwork before they can begin employment. They will be unable to start until final approval from Human Resources. If you have any questions please contact Robin Parker at 817-232-0880 ext. 2756 or by email at rparker@ems-isd.net.
    Students attending Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD schools considering employment must apply online to the Temporary Worker job posting. Once the application is completed, forms and all required documents should be delivered to the employing campus/department supervisor.
    The packet contains:
    • 2017 W4 - Please make sure the document is signed and line # 5 is completed.
    • Direct Deposit - If students have a checking account, they must sign up for direct deposit.
    • **If student does not have a DL for paycard or a bank account for direct deposit, they will be issued a paper check.**
    • Paycard Form - Required if student does not have checking account but has a DL- Copy of DL must be attached.
    • I-9 - Section 1 to be completed and signed by student, a copy of student ID or Drivers License AND Social Security Card must be included.

    Students assisting with camps and working with other students will be required to have a background check completed.

    The employing campus/department supervisor will collect the forms from the student and submit the completed packet to Robin Parker in the Human Resources Department.
     **Please indicate your name on the packet envelope as the contact person submitting paperwork.**
    The required information must be submitted to Human Resources with sufficient time (generally 3-5 working days) for background checks to be processed before the student employee begins work. Student employees with incomplete information are not allowed to begin work.
    It is the responsibility of the employing supervisor to check on the status of the student employee’s application with Human Resources.  
    If you have any questions, please contact Robin Parker at (817) 232-0880 ext. 2756 or by email at rparker@ems-isd.net.
    Student Workers for Non-Athletic Events
    Hours for each student need to be documented on a Payroll Authorization Form. Once completed, please submit to the payroll department for processing.

    Student Workers for Athletic Events
    Hours for students working athletic events will need to be documented on a Worker/Security Pay Sheet and submitted to the Athletics Department located at the Administration building. The forms should be available at your school. Forms can be requested from the Athletics Department if you do not have any on your campus.

    *Must be currently enrolled as a student at an EMS ISD campus to be considered a student.