About OnRamps

  • OnRamps is an innovative dual-enrollment program led by The University of Texas. The OnRamps program was founded in partnership with the Texas Higher Education Leaders Consortium, and supported by funding from the Texas Legislature.  The goal is to provide students with the opportunity to take courses aligned with the expectations of leading research universities. 

    Using a hybrid delivery approach, students meet rigorous university-level college readiness standards and have the opportunity to earn UT Austin credit from a UT faculty member and high school credit from their local teacher. All OnRamps courses can be applied to the Texas Core Curriculum and are OnRamps   Students enrolled in an OnRamps course will be asked to pay a fee of $149 per student ($99 per student with the demonstration of financial need).  

    OnRamps per student fee include the following:

    Course curriculum, technology access, assessments that mirror those given at the university, college credit through UT and transferable to any Texas public university (if requirements are met), and instruction from a UT-trained high school teacher who receives ongoing support from UT faculty and staff.  A UT instructor of record evaluates and provides feedback on students’ college-level work. 

    If this information regarding fee structures has influenced a decision to consider another course, please contact your child’s academic counselor.