Freshman Action Plan

  • Fall:

    • Get to know the resources available to you at your high school including your School Counselor, College and Career Readiness Specialist, and the campus College and Career Center.
    • Meet with your counselor to familiarize yourself with your Personalized Education Plan.
    • Take challenging courses to prepare for college.
    • Get involved in volunteer/community services activities and keep of log of your time.
    • Get involved in extracurricular activities.
    • Consider signing up for the PSAT and/or PreACT college readiness testing.
    • Attend the EMS ISD College Fair.
    • Explore various career pathways and take career assessments.


    • Sign up for challenging courses for sophomore year.
    • Look into summer jobs/internships/volunteer activities.
    • Consider leadership positions in extracurriculars for future years
    • Explore college websites.
    • Consider a college savings plan.
    • Start visiting college campuses and talking to family and friends about their college experiences.
    • Begin searching for scholarship opportunities.