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    If a tabulation file is not available in the table below, you may request a copy of a bid tabulation by emailing the purchasing department.  Please provide the bid number and title, your company name, contact person, fax and telephone number in your request.

    Bid No.
    Bid Title


    Award File
    1920-002-0 CMAR for Boswell High School Athletic Additions and Renovations No RFQ Ranking 1920-002-0
    1920-003-2023 Smoothie and Coffee Products and Supplies Yes CSP Award Detail 1920-003-2023
    1920-004-2025 Career & Technology Education Supplies, Equip, Svc Yes RFP Award Detail 1920-004-2025
    1920-005 Instructional Materials for English Language Arts (HS and MS) Proclamation 2020 No RFP Award Detail 1920-005
    1920-006-0 Opening Day Library Collection for Copper Creek ES No RFP Award Detail 1920-006-0
    1920-007-2024 Armored Car Services No RFP Award Detail 1920-007-2024
    1920-013-0 New Lake Country Elementary School No CSP Ranking 1920-013-0
    1920-014-0 CMAR for Security Upgrades at Multiple Campuses, and Additions & Renovations to Maintenance Facility No RFP Ranking 1920-014-0
    1920-016-2024 Franchise Pizza No RFP Award Detail 1920-016-2024
    1920-017-2024 Fresh and Organic Produce No RFP Award Detail 1920-017-2024
    2021-005-0 New Central Administration Building No CSP Ranking 2021-005-0
    1920-008-2025 Athletic, P.E. and Co-Curricular Supplies, Equipment, Uniforms, and Related Equipment Services Yes RFP Award Detail 1920-008-2025
    1920-010-2025 First Aid, Medical, Sports Training Supplies, Equipment, and Related Equipment Services Yes RFP Award Detail 1920-010-2025
    2021-009-2026 Fire & Secuirty Alarms Services and Products Yes RFP Award Detail 2021-009-2026
    2021-011-2024 Gasoline and Diesel Fuel  Yes RFP Award Detail 2021-011-2024
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    Archived Bid Awards
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