• Senate Bill 9 Overview

    Texas Education Code (TEC) §22.0834 and §22.08341 state that a contractor that provides services to a school district or charter school must be fingerprinted before beginning work, if the contractor 1) will have continuing duties related to the contracted services, and 2) will have the opportunity for direct contact with students. Additionally, the law requires that a contractor certify to a school district or charter school that it has received all criminal history information for its employees who provide services for the school. Pursuant to §22.08341(c), the requirement does not apply to a contractor that performs construction, alteration, or repair of an instructional facility if the contractor uses separate sanitary facilities, installs a barrier fence, and has a policy that employees may not interact with students or enter areas used by students.
    For complete information, please refer to the Senate Bill 9 Reference Guide.
    Information regarding the requirements for conducting a criminal records check is posted on The Texas Department of Public Safety's website, by clicking open Crime Records and reading School District Guide to Senate Bill 9.