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    District Energy Savings Initiatives
    One of the district's largest expenses after payroll is utility costs. Our yearly electrical expenses are approximately 4 million dollars. Working together to conserve energy usage is one of the most effective things we can do to reduce expenses. In our recent budget reductions for 2013-2014, we committed to reduce our electrical costs by 5%, which will equate to $200,000 in savings.

    To conserve energy costs, the district has implemented new guidelines regarding the heating and cooling of all district buildings. We will begin cooling (or heating) buildings approximately one hour prior to the start of school in order to have classrooms at the district set point of 73-75 degrees in cooling (68-70 degrees in heating) by the time students enter classrooms and begin working. Areas where students gather prior to school starting, such as, gyms and cafeterias, will be at the district set point sooner to accommodate early arrival.
  • Heating or Cooling Outside of the Normal School Day
    Overrides are not available. If you have special events on your campus that require heating and cooling outside of the normal school day, please schedule heating and cooling with Brandon Jordan through a work order in Euphoria under the HVAC scheduling tab. With proactive planning, we will be able to provide for program needs and also be able to achieve significant energy savings.
    Thank you in advance for your support of this initiative. This ultimately protects the funds needed for student programming and sets a strong goal to be environmentally friendly. Each of your efforts will result in us achieving this goal.
    Energy Bills
    The following energy data reports conform to guidelines required by HB 3693 (Government Code § 2265.001(b)).  Click below to download district utility usage.  

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