• New Administration Building

    • Rebar is in place to pour the main entrance to the building.
    • CMU block is being utilized to form up the walls on the lower level.

    Boswell High School

    • Main grandstand structure is in progress.
    • Workers continue to lay brick on the west, south, and north sides of the pressbox.
    • Visitor’s bleachers main concourse retaining wall has been poured. Bleachers are scheduled to arrive on August 2. Construction, with good weather, should only take three weeks.
    • Views from the pressbox show the main field and new weight room area. Pressbox construction continues with rough-in electrical, insulation, and sheetrock.
    • Main walkway between the field and dressing rooms is progressing.

    Lake Country Elementary School

    • Landscaping continues to progress, as does the rock and brick clean-up.
    • Furniture is on site, being delivered, and assembled as needed.
    • Gym floor has been installed along with the technology network. Playground area has been completed and is ready for school to begin.

    Chisholm Trail and Saginaw HS

    • Moisture conditioning and final grade is in progress in both baseball and softball fields.
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