• March 5, 2024 Update:

    • Saginaw High School – RTU replacements will be completed spring break 2024
    • Saginaw High School – Begin design discussions of fieldhouse renovations will begin summer 2025
    • Saginaw High School – Audio/video upgrades for the performing arts center will be completed spring 2025
    • Marine Creek Parkway traffic signal will be completed December 2024
    • Highland Middle School – RTU/Roof replacements will be completed summer 2024
    • Saginaw Elementary School – HVAC system will be completed summer 2024
    • Creekview Middle School – RTU replacements will be completed summer 2024
    • Exterior improvements for drive-up appeal at 14 campuses (CSES, EMES, GES, GFES, HCES, LPES, NBES, PES, RPES, WCES, EWMS, PVMS, SHS, CRES) will be completed in summer 2024
    • Add Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD building letters districtwide will be completed in summer 2024
    • Gililland Elementary School – Courtyard renovation will be completed summer 2024
    • Natatorium – Design in progress with the YMCA with construction beginning in the winter of 2024
    • October 2023 Update:
    • Currently under construction or in the design phase:
    • Roof/RTU replacements – SHS,SES,HMS
    • RTU Replacements – HDC,CMS
    • Building lettering – All campuses before MCMS (adding Eagle Mountain-Saginaw I.S.D.)
    • Courtyard renovation – GES

    December 2021 Update:

    • Campuses identified received the Discovery Cave and Spinning Cozy Pod. New swing system at Northbrook ES and Elkins ES.

    September 2021 Update:

    • Hellas has begun turf installation at Chisholm Trail HS and will start soon at Saginaw HS.

     August 2021 Update:

    • Work continues at Elkins Elementary in the Barbara Christenson gym on the walls and installation of the hard ceiling. Additionally, The sidewalk along Elkins School Road has been completed.
    • At Eagle Mountain Elementary, new seating and stage curtains have been delivered and installed.
    • At Creekview Middle School, the sidewalk connecting the housing addition to the campus has been completed.
    • At Chisholm Trail and Saginaw HS, progress continues on baseball and softball areas.

    July 2021 Update:

    • Moisture conditioning and final grade is in progress in both baseball and softball fields.

    June 2021 Update:

    • Baseball fields turf projects at Saginaw and Chisholm Trail HS are in beginning stages of moisture conditioning.

    September 2020 Update:

    • Shade structures complete at Eagle Mountain and Remington Pointe elementary schools.

    August 2020 Update: 

    • Turf placement is ongoing at Prarie Vista and Creekview middle schools.
    • E-layer mobilizing is taking place at Ed Willkie Middle School.
    • Highland Middle School is waiting on track surfacing crew.
    • Turf placement is ongoing at Chisholm Trail High School.
    • Turf is in progress, placing infill, at Saginaw High School.

    July 2020 Update:

    • Currently installing colector drain for turf project at Prairie Vista Middle School. Estimated completion August 17.
    • Currently installing e-layer/cushdrain for turf project Creekview Middle School. Estimated completion August 19.
    • Cushshdrain finishing and beginning e-layer for turf project at Saginaw HS. Estimated completion August 13.
    • Currently installing cushdrain for turf project at Chisholm Trail HS. estimated completion August 17.
    • Tennis courts are resurfaced and winslats installed at Saginaw HS, Chisholm trail HS, Prairie Vista MS, and Ed Willkie MS.

    June 2020 Update:

    • Highland, Prairie Vista, Willkie, and Creekview MS turf projects are underway. Projects are also underway for Chisholm Trail HS and Saginaw HS.
    • Saginaw HS, Prairie Vista MS, and Ed Willkie MS.- Purchase order has been created and coordinating schedule with Hellas Construction.
    • Saginaw HS, Prairie Vista MS, Ed Willkie MS, and Chisholm Trail HS – waiting delivery

    May 2020 Update:

    • Saginaw HS, Prairie Vista MS, and Ed Willkie MS waiting on materials for tennis court resurfacing and wind slats.
    • Highland, Creekview, Prairie Vista, and Ed Willkie MS and Chisholm Trail HS are receiving grading and soil preparation for turf installation.
    • Moisture conditioning continues at Saginaw HS for turf installation.
    • Track resurfacing is completed at Saginaw and Chisholm Trail high schools, finalizing the punch list.
    • Boswell HS strictural spray is complete, and stripping is in progress.
    • Saginaw HS, Prairie Vista MS, and Comanche Springs Elementary recieved new flooring.

    April 2020 Update:

    • Turf field installation begins at Saginaw High School and Highland, Creekivew, and Prairie Vista middle schools.
    • Several campuses across the district will recieve new flooring or carpet.
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