Highland MS, Creekview MS & Gililland ES

  • Renovations are underway at Highland Middle SchoolCreekview Middle School and Gililland Elementary School.

    August 2019 Update:

    • Landscaping at Creekview MS is in place.
    • Landscaping at Highland MS is being installed.
    • The media center, secure vestibule, and new kitchen serving line for students has been completed at Creekview.
    • New surfacing of tennis courts and new wind slats has been added at Creekview.
    • Tennis court slat installation is complete at Highland.
    • Laying of new tile in hallway and media center at Highland.

    July 2019 Update:

    • Library ceiling grid, lighting, sheetrock, tape and bedding complete.
    • Creekview and Highland: Storefront office glass, wall tiling, and wood slats installed in the library collaboration area.
    • Creekview and Highland: Gyms have new LED lighting.
    • Creekview: new floor tile in place, floors are waxed, new carpet in classrooms, gym floors are sanded.
    • Highland: new irrigation system is being installed and wind slats at the tennis courts.
    • Gililland: secure door added in the reception area. 

    May 2019 Update at Creekview & Highland:

    • Doorframes have been installed and painted.
    • Temporary wall has been added to a separate office area from construction inside the school.
    • Ceiling tiles and lighting is complete.
    • Finish painting is near completion.
    • The aluminum storefront is being installed.
    • Finish flooring and protective covering have been installed.

     March 2019 Update:

    • Finalizing plumbing

    February 2019 Update:

    • Demolition of existing space is complete.
    • Drywall is near completion.
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