• Projected Opend: August 2023
    Mascot: Falcons
    Colors: Purple and Gray


    July 24, 2023 Update

    • Landscaping continues around all areas of the site. The office area is undergoing final punch list corrections. Main foyer flooring is complete with wall tile receiving grouting.

    • Kitchen and serving lines have been completed and final cleaning and are ready for kitchen staff.  Stage area is receiving punch item completion.
    • Gymnasium school logo painting is near completion.  Outside basketball court and sidewalks have been completed.
    • Hatley Move Timeline

      •7/13 –LCO (Limited Certificate of Occupancy) to begin delivery and assembly of furniture in the cafeteria, administration, and library areas.

      •7/18 –Delivery of custodial supplies and set up of trash cans.

      •7/24 –LCO (Limited Certificate of Occupancy) second floor furniture delivery.

      •7/25 –TCO (Temporary Certificate of Occupancy) for staff.

      •7/26 –Tentative move in date for administration.

      •7/27 –Basic Book pallets will be delivered to the campus.

      •7/31 –Custodial staff will begin cleaning.

      •8/1 –Campus professional development day. A detailed map for parking and entry will be created for the event.

      •8/4 –Custodians will begin waxing.

      •8/7 –Teachers will move into the building.

    June 12, 2023 Update

    • Installation of millwork in the admin area is almost complete.
    • Ceiling tile and restroom floor tiles completed in areas A and B.
    • Library ceiling grid has been installed and panels have been delivered.
    • Ceiling grid and floor tile in cafeteria have been installed.
    • Duct work and sheetrock installation continue in area D2.
    • Connector walk way on the second floor is being prepped for glass installation. Basketball court and mow strip for playground have been poured.
    • Brick layers continue installation in area D on the north and west walls.

    May 22, 2023 Update

    • Brick work is complete in academic wing C and is progressing in academic area D.
    • Driveway approaches around the site are being poured.
    • Administrative area continues with the installation of doors and library glass.
    • Tile work is completed in the administrative area and continues in the hallway between the gymnasium and cafeteria. Lighting fixtures have been installed in areas A and B.
    • Flooring protection is in place in the kitchen as equipment has been installed.
    • These photos show the different progression from the top and bottom levels in area C and D.

    April 24, 2023 Update

    • Landscaping continues on the west and south side of the campus.
    • Brick and rock installation are progressing on the administration and library areas.
    • Sheetrock, tape and bedding and painting continue in the administrative area.
    • Brick work is near completion in the gym area. Installation of an electrical transformer has been completed.

    March 27, 2023 Update

    • Main entrance and library continue with rough-in mechanical work. The roof on the library has been completed.
    • Brick on the exterior of the gymnasium has begun. CMU block is complete in the gym and mezzanine areas.
    • Storefront frames have been installed in the cafeteria. Landscaping, trenching and main lines are being installed.
    • Sheetrock has started in the office area. Interior metal studs are progressing in the academic areas. 
    • Work continues on the mezzanine platform on the two academic wings.

    February 27, 2023 Update

    • Work continues on the main hallway and library. Installation of metal studs and HVAC duct work is in progress.
    • Work continues on the second floor decking.
    • Both bottom photos are of the cafeteria, focusing on the ceiling and stage construction.

    November 14, 2022 Update

    • Work on the ICF in the cafeteria continues. A grease trap has been installed.
    • Piers and storm water continue to progress.

    October 24, 2022 Update

    • Storm water and GEO wells are in progress.
    • Rough-in plumbing continues in the kitchen in preparation for the slab pour.

    September 19, 2022 Update

    • Overview of the site showing the main gymnasium and cafeteria areas.
    • Steel installation for the grade beams is in progress.
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