Copper Creek Elementary School

  • The District closed on the property for Copper Creek Elementary School on February 13, 2018.

    Projected Opening: August 2020
    Mascot: Cowboys
    Colors: Cardinal & Old Gold 

    August 2020 Update:

    • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy has been received for staff and students

    July 2020 Update:

    • Staff waxing floors

    June 2020 Update:

    • Building sinage is installed.
    • Hat channel being installed to receive acoustical panel.
    • Concrete is being prepped for flooring.
    • Classrooms are locked and ready for furniture.
    • Playground area is being landscaped.

    May 2020 Update:

    • Main lobby is being completed and finishes are being installed.
    • Ceiling clouds are being installed.
    • A masonry wall within the tornado scruture is installed. Duct work and lighting are also being installed.
    • Gym masonry is progressing.
    • Sidewalks are being isntalled between the academic wings.
    • They playground system is installed.

    April 2020 Update

    • The cafeteria serving line is finished.
    • The library cerculation desk area is finished.
    • Classroom hallways are painted.
    • Finished classrooms are carpeted and include cabinets and sinks.

    March 2020 Update:

    • Installation of tornado shelter
    • Front view of school showing the new gym
    • Library
    • Main hallway entrance
    • West view with main student pick-up area
    • Sidewalk preparation for playground structure

    February 2020 Update:

    • Front view of main opening
    • Progress of brick and stone
    • Administrative area
    • Library, ceiling grid, and paint
    • Computer lab
    • Cafeteria tiling
    • Academic areas
    • Academic classrooms 

    January 2020 Update:

    • Aerial view overlooking the cafeteria
    • Academic area brick work
    • Finishing up steel frame
    • Installing windows on 2nd level
    • Wall framing in administrative area
    • Academic area 2 sheet rock complete in hallway
    • Wall framing on 2nd floor
    • Wainscoting complete in hallway between cafeteria and gym
    • Library windows installed
    • Kitchen wall tile complete. Work continues on the flooring
    • Bus canopy columns installed
    • Gym walls have been delayed

    December 2019 Update:

    • Site work continues.
    • The walls for the gymnasium/storm shelter are being constructed off site.
    • Ceiling work, tiling, tape and bedding and painting is in progress in the kitchen and serving line.
    • Kitchen equipment is being installed.
    • Framing and sheetrock work is occurring in the library.

    November 2019 Update:

    • Masonry and windows near completion in the cafeteria area.
    • Scaffolding is on site to brick the building.
    • Masonry, windows and decking are underway in the academic wing.
    • Prepping for window installation is underway in a couple of areas.

    August 2019 Update:

    • All the approaches have been poured.
    • The cafeteria and kitchen with ICF forms in place.
    • Classroom wings have the beginning of placement of ICF forms.
    • Beams have been poured in the hallway between the kitchen and gym.
    • Area between the blue fence and the road is the developers land that is dedicated for park land. The greenbelt area also has a walk/biking path.

    July 2019 Update:

    • Structural slab in cafeteria ready to pour.
    • Grading process starting in Area 1.
    • ICF blocking on-site and will begin going vertical in the cafeteria.
    • Waiting on rebar in Area 2.
    • North entrance being poured. 

    May 2019 Update:

    • Contractors are working to minimize traffic through the neighborhood’s amenity center area.
    • Pier drilling, utility installation and geothermal drilling is underway.

    February 2019 Update:

    • Pogue Construction was named as the general contractor for the project. TNP is working with the developer for electrical services and the notice to proceed is March 1, 2019.
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