EMS ISD Natatorium Partnership

  • The natatorium project is a joint venture between Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD and the City of Saginaw. As part of the 2017 Bond Program, the district committed $5 million to fund the project. This indoor swimming facility will serve EMS ISD 3 high schools and the community of Saginaw residents. This site is conveniently located between all 3 and a future forth high school campus.  

    Through this venture, the district has arranged for committed swim team practice times throughout the school year, as well as times for swimming meets. The facility will include dedicated locker room spaces for our students and coaching offices. The current scope of the natatorium will include a secondary pool area that will be accessible to patrons, which will assist us in addressing any potential conflicts with programming for members. As soon as a final design has been set, district leaders will be sure to communicate it to the community.

    At an EMS ISD School Board Meeting on September 20, the district approved a memorandum of understanding for the project. 

    “We are extremely appreciative to have the partnership with the City of Saginaw to build this Natatorium for our students and the surrounding community,” said Superintendent Dr. Jim Chadwell. 

    The bond committee recommended, and the Board approved, $5 million in bond funds for this project. After two other partnerships failed and COVID delays disrupted the movement toward getting this project off the ground, Saginaw has risen to the occasion to make this effort a reality.  

    Both parties and the community are looking forward to this mutually beneficial working relationship with the goal of developing, constructing, operating, and maintaining an indoor swim facility within the City of Saginaw, benefiting the district and residents.