• District New Construction and Renovations Progress

    In a presentation to the Board of Education on July 22, 2019, Chief Operations Officer Clete Welch shared the following update with the Board:

    • Marine Creek Middle School photos and information about the progress
    • Copper Creek Elementary School update
    • Renovation updates for Bryson Elementary, Boswell High School, Creekview Middle School and Highland Middle School.
    • Security upgrades at Saginaw High School and Gililland Elementary School.
    • Shade structures at Remington Point, Chisholm Ridge, Eagle Mountain, Elkins and Gililland.
    • Tennis shade structures are in production at Saginaw High School and Boswell High School.
    • A shaded area with concrete base will be added at Watson High School for added eating for students during lunches.
    • Planning is in progress for central office needs and space requirements as well as Boswell High School athletic projects.