Lake Country Elementary School

  • Projected Opening: August 2021
    Mascot: Lion
    Colors: Gold and Black

    August 2021 Update:

    • The campus was ready for the first day of school on August 16, 2021.

    July 2021 Update:

    • Landscaping continues to progress, as does the rock and brick clean-up.
    • Furniture is on site, being delivered, and assembled as needed.
    • Gym floor has been installed along with the technology network.
    • Playground area has been completed and is ready for school to begin.

    June 2021 Update:

    • Kitchen is ready for final cleaning
    • Office area is 95% complete
    • Upstairs classrooms ceiling grid have been installed
    • Final above ceiling inspection needed before panels can be dropped in place
    • The main corridor is complete except for flooring and sound panels
    • Gym basketball goals are being installed
    • Second grade hallway is being prepped for VCT
    • 80% of the classrooms have carpet installed
    • Rain caused delay in poring sidewalks which must be completed before playground installation can begin

    April 2021 Update:

    • Roofing and rock work continue to progress throughout the exterior of the building.
    • Interior framing in the main hallway has been completed.
    • Tile on the stage is complete and installation will begin this week in the main foyer.
    • Drop-down ceiling in the library has been completed.
    • Framing and HVAC continue on the second level.
    • Millwork in the music/art room has been installed. CMU block in the gym is completed. A primer paint has been applied and waiting for final coat of paint.
    • Metal roof panels have arrived on site waiting for installation. Spring Street entrance has been poured connecting with the bus loop.

    March 2021 Update:

    • Irrigation installation for the detention pond is in progress.
    • The driveway entrance is being prepped.
    • The parent drop-off on the north side of the building has been poured and tied in to the main entrance.
    • Stone and brick are being installed in the front of the building.
    • Wall tile has been installed in the gym/cafeteria hallway.
    • Wall tile, ceiling grid, and quarry tile have been completed in the kitchen area.
    • The gym floor and rough-in plumbing have been completed.
    • Cabinetry in the library hase been installed along with delivery of the wooden doors.

    February 2021 Update:

    • Front entrance main roof structure has been installed. Tornado shelter panels and roof are being installed.
    • Main front drive with sidewalk that connects the north and south ends of the property has been poured.
    • Parent pick-up loop forms and rebar are being set for concrete pour. Detention concrete work is complete.
    • Kitchen hood is 90% complete.
    • Geo well trucks working on setting pipe loops.
    • Cafeteria ceiling tile grids have been installed waiting for drop-in tiles.
    • Freezer and cooler have been installed in the kitchen.
    • First floor academic wing door frames, metal studs, and rough-in electrical are in progress.
    • First and second grade installation of  hallway columns are in progress. 
    • Shelving, lighting, and very large fan is being installed.
    • Photos of the new warehouse office located by the dock to receive district supplies.

    December 2020 Update:

    • Lift is being used to lift the joist to be installed in the cafeteria. 
    • East drive is being poured. 
    • Pump truck being utilized to assist in concrete pour on eastern edge of the property. 
    • Form boards have been staked in place and rebar is tied together for concrete pour. 
    • Retaining wall for detention pond is in the process of being formed up for concrete. 
    • Retaining wall is 90 percent complete.  
    • Decking has been installed above the joist in the cafeteria. 
    • Elevator walls are 90 percent complete. 
    • IFC walls are being installed in kindergarten and first grade hallway. 
    • CMU blocks are being installed in the kitchen area. 
    • Welder is installing beams between the cafeteria and gym. 
    • CMU block is being installed in the freezer area of the kitchen.

    November 2020 Update:

    •  Construction continues on the campus. A concrete retaining wall to support the detention pond has been installed. 
    • Oncor is in the process of install ing permanent power.
    • Site prep is in progres for the kitchen approach and drive.
    • the academic and library slabs have been poured.
    • The IFC is prepped for a concrete pour.
    • the CMU block is being installed in the computer lab and hallway restroom.
    • Modular block installation is occuring in the back side of the property.

    October 2020 Update:

    • Box cartons will be used to support slab during the pour
    • Cardboard sheathing will also be used to enhance stability of the surface during the process.
    • Iron Busters team have tyed rebar together to prep for pour.
    • Kitchen vertical ICF (issued for construction) was prepped for concrete pour.
    • CMU (concrete masonry unit) block was laid between the art room and hallway.
    • Concrete finishers completed work 10 hours after first truck of concrete. 
    • Dirt grading took place on Lake Country Drive and lime stabilization was in progress.
    • Work is in progress on concrete and modular block retaining walls.
    • The headend of a box culvert is finished.

    September 2020 Update:

    • Construction crews have installed a stormwater pipe and a grease trap.
    • The beams are curing.
    • The kitchen rough-in plumbing and fine grading are underway.
    • Soil has been removed for the retaining wall and crews are drilling geo wells.

    August 2020 Update:

    • Working on the final cut on the southeas corner of the property.
    • Three building pier machines are on site.

    July 2020 Update:

    • New southern entrance and tree protection being isntalled.
    • Gradework has begin and run-off fencing has been installed.

    June 2020 Update: 

    • Site visit to pin the building corners down. Reviewing final finishes
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