Maintenance Facility

  • March 2021 Update

    • Substantial completition of the facility to be completed in April.

    December 2020 Update

    • New view of the building from the road. 
    • Warehouse exterior metal panels are being installed.

    November 2020 Update

    • The grade beams have been poured and the final grading for the slab pour is in progress.

    October 2020 Update

    • The framing and pouring of grade beams is in progress.

    August/September 2020 Update

    • The building site is prepped and mosture conditioning is complete.

    July 2020 Update 

    • The generator pad with electrical tubing is in place within the server room.
    • Additional HVAC support has been installed.

    May/June 2020 Update

    • Network Operations Center to be completed in August.

    April 2020 Update

    • Network Operations Center (NOC) – Design and ordering of materials in progress
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