Eagle Mountain High School

  • The district’s fourth comprehensive high school has been named Eagle Mountain High School, and the District will begin the planning and design process in 2019.

    Projected Opening: August 2024
    Mascot: Knights

    Colors: Black & Old Gold

    January 23, 2022 Update

    • Iron work continues in the library area next to the courtyard. The library will have an abundance of natural light highlighted by the courtyard.
    • Exterior framing of the administration area has been completed. “V” shaped columns mark the main level student entry.
    • Steel columns and beams continue to be installed at the majority of the main academic wing of the building. Workers can be seen in the large lecture hall.
    • CMU block continues to be installed at the auditorium. Notches in the block can be seen in preparation to receive structural steel beams. 
    • Formation of the press box has taken place as the main structural columns have been erected. Steel will continue as the concrete foundation finishes. Drilling of the piers for the athletic lights is underway. 

    December 12, 2022 Update

    • Progress on the Performing Arts Center CMU block continues. Main academic area steel structure continues to expand to the west.
    • Stadium visitor’s side grade beams have been completed. Home side is in progress with grade beams for the press box and stands. Baseball/softball complex final grading continues.
    • Walls and sheet rock have started in the administration office area. 

    November 14, 2022 Update

    • Main academic area steel is in progress. 
    • Paving continues on the west entrance that connects to the south entrance is in progress.
    • Work continues on the home side of the stadium. Grade beam structure is ready for pour.

    October 24, 2022 Update

    • Work continues on the main academic building and fine arts area.
    • Drilling of GEO wells continues. Work continues on ICF walls and slab pours.
    • Stadium work is progressing on the home, visitor, and field house.
    • Slab pours for the parking area around the field house is ongoing.

    September 19, 2022 Update

    • Work continues on the main building.
    • Geo well drilling continues on the north side of the property. The first load of steel has arrived on site.
    • Pier work continues on visitor’s side of the stadium. Finish grade work continues on home side.
    • CMU block and ICF work progresses in the choir, band hall, and food labs. Slab pour finish work is in progress in the gymnastics area.

    August 22, 2022 Update

    Work continues on grade beams and slab prep in all areas of the main building. The slab is poured in a portion of fine arts. Laying of CMU blocks has begun.

    May 2022 Update

    Building pad for the cafeteria, fine arts, and gymnasiums is complete. Pier construction is ongoing.

    April 2022 Update

    Excavation work has begun in all areas of the site. Building pad preparation and moisture conditioning have started in the gymnasium area.

    March 2021 Update

    • VLK Architects presented to the board at the March 29 meeting. There are 10 steps that need to be completed before construction can begin. Below is a list with approximate date of completion:
      • Drainage study – March 8
      • Water and sanitary sewer study – March 29
      • Preliminary plat – April 28
      • Traffic circulation study – June 28
      • Public improvement plans – June 29
      • Community facilities agreement – July 23
      • Construction of public improvements - August 27
      • Final plat – August 30
      • Addressing GIS – September 6
      • Building permit – September 7

    February 2021 Update

    • Design and site development continues. VLK will present the prototype next month.

    December 2020 Update

    • Design and site development continues.  

    November 2020 Update

    • Design and site development continues. Started design development with the architect team and departmental areas for input and reaffirming of needs.

    October 2020 Update

    • The design and site development continues.
    • Design development started with the artchitect team and departamental areas for input and reafirrming of needs.

    August/September 2020 Update

    • Design and site development continues. Talks are in progress with developer regarding a middle school site.

    July 2020 Update

    • Design and site development continues

    May 2020 Update

    • Continue to have meetings with VLK and Civil Engineers. Preliminary Development Review Committee with City of Fort Worth for site and city concerns, recommendations, and requirements.

    April 2020 Update 

    • Continue to have meetings with VLK. A virtual meeting was conducted with current high school and middle school students to gather information on things they liked in their schools, how they preferred to learn, and what would help them learn better in the future.
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