• Bond Steering Committee

  • Development of the November 2017 bond recommendation involved an in-depth process of information gathering, research, and community input.

    Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD officials regularly monitor the District’s projected growth and housing market, and over the past several months, the District completed a District-wide facilities assessment and formed the 2017 Bond Steering Committee.

    The 17-member Committee was comprised of parents, non-parents, staff, community and business members representing a mix of backgrounds and geographic representation. The Committee was charged to consider the educational needs of all students and to develop recommendations that align with the District’s mission, vision and goals. Committee members had the responsibility of representing the entire community, its values and perceptions as they assessed and prioritized the District’s current and long-term facility needs. In addition to touring facilities and studying the needs of the District, the Bond Steering Committee studied student enrollment projections, analyzed financial data and conducted a community-wide survey. Upon completion of their analysis, members reached unanimous consensus on a recommendation to the Board of Education to call for a bond election.

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